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Table 30-5: Members of the SystemInformation Object Member Name MousePresent MouseWheelPresent Description Returns whether or not a mouse is installed. Returns whether or not an installed mouse has a wheel. Returns the number of lines to scroll when the mouse wheel is rotated. Returns whether or not the OS offers native support for the mouse wheel. Returns whether or not the user is connected to a network. Returns whether or not the extensions for PenComputing are installed. Returns the dimensions of a maximized window on the primary monitor. Returns the dimensions of the primary display monitor. Returns whether or not drop-down menus are rightaligned with corresponding menu-bar items. Returns whether or not SecurityManager is present on the system. Returns whether or not Accessibility settings necessitate visual feedback in situations that would typically require audible feedback. Returns the default dimensions of a small icon. Returns the dimensions of a button of the caption bar of a tool window. Returns the height of the title bar on a tool window. Returns the domain name of the current user. Returns whether or not the
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FigurE 12-23: A pie chart.
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(2) the a-trimmed mean with cy = F , ( - k ) = (1 - - ~ ) @ ( - k+ ~ / 2 ; )
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At this point, the server knows the domain it is in, and is acting as a client to the master. It can now be set up as a slave. ypinit will not prompt for a list of other servers as it does when you create the master server, nor will it run ypbuild again. This is why we needed to run ypinit -c initially.
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The Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box disappears.
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Using Redirect Pages
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Other functionality and limitations of the Flyout FeatureManager that relate to its function in assemblies can be found in s 12 to 15.n
In the TDD case, subframes can be assigned exibly to uplink and downlink, with the exception of subframes 0 and 5, which are always used for the downlink, and subframe 2, which is always used for the uplink. For every transition from downlink to uplink, there is a guard interval, to avoid collisions between the packets on the air (see Section 17.5). Consequently, there are subframes that contain three distinct parts: a Downlink Pilot Time Slot (DwPTS), Uplink Pilot Time Slot (UpPTS), and a guard interval between them. Note that a guard interval is not necessary for a transition from uplink to downlink.
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Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
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