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Part I
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Configuring an exported user object.
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[Fus90] M. Fusco, FDTD algorithm in curvilinear coordinates, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag., AP-38, 76 88 (1990). [Gan87] R. Ganesh and K. Pahlavan, Effects of retransmission and capture for local area ALOHA systems, Proc. Conference on Information Science Systems, Baltimore, MD, 1987, pp. 272 273. [Gan89] R. Ganesh and K. Pahlavan, On the arrival of the paths in multipath fading indoor radio channels, IEE Electron. Lett., 25, 763 765 (1989). [Gan91a] R. Ganesh, Time domain measurements, modeling, and simulation of the indoor radio channel, Ph.D. dissertation, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, May 1991. [Gan91b] R. Ganesh and K. Pahlavan, Modeling of the indoor radio channel, IEE Proc. I: Commun. Speech Vision, 138, 153 161 (1991). [Gan92] R. Ganesh and K. Pahlavan, Statistical characterization of a partitioned indoor radio channel, IEE Proc. I: Commun. Speech Vision, 139, 539 545 (1992). [Gan93] R. Ganesh and K. Pahlavan, Statistics of short time and spatial variations measured in wideband indoor radio channels, IEE Proc. H: Microwave Antennas Propag., 140, 297 302 (1993). [Gar00] A. Leon-Garcia and I. Widjaja, Communication Networks: Fundamental Concepts and Key Architectures, McGraw-Hill, Boston, 2000. [Gei99] J. Geier, Wireless LANs: Implementing Interoperable Networks, Macmillan, New York, 1999. [Ges03] D. Gesbert, M. Sha , D. Shiu, P. J. Smith, and A. Naguib, From theory to practice: an overview of MIMO space time coded wireless systems, IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., SAC-21(3), 281 302 (2003). [Gev89] J. Gevargiz, P. K. Das, and L. B. Milstein, Adaptive narrowband interference rejection in a DS spread spectrum intercept receiver using transform domain signal processing techniques, IEEE Trans. Commun., COM-37, 1359 1366 (1989). [Gfe79a] F. R. Gfeller, H. R. Miller, and P. Vettiger, Infrared communications for in-house applications, Proc. IEEE COMPCON 79, Washington, DC, 1979, pp. 132 138. [Gfe79b] F. R. Gfeller and U. Bapst, Wireless in-house data communication via diffuse infrared radiation, Proc. IEEE, 67, 1474 1486 (1979). [Gfe81] F. R. Gfeller, Infranet: Infrared Microbroadcasting Network for In-House Data Communication, IBM Res. Rep. RZ 1068 (#38619), Apr. 27, 1981. [Gfe82] F. R. Gfeller, Infrared microbroadcasting for in-house data communications, IBM Tech. Discl. Bull., 24, 4043 4046 (1982). [Gha03a] S. S. Ghassemzadeh, L. J. Greenstein, A. Kav` i , T. Sveinsson, and V. Tarokh, UWB e indoor path loss model for residential and commercial buildings, Proc. IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, Lake Buena Vista, FL, Fall 2003, pp. 3115 3119. [Gha03b] S. S. Ghassemzadeh, L. J. Greenstein, A. Kav` i , T. Sveinsson, V. Tarokh, UWB e indoor delay pro le model for residential and commercial buildings, Proc. IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, Lake Buena Vista, FL, Fall 2003, pp. 3120 3125. [Gha04] M. Ghavami, L. B. Michael, and R. Kohno, Ultra-wideband Signals and Systems in Communication Engineering, Wiley, Hoboken, NJ, 2004. [Gil91] K. S. Gilhousen et al., On the capacity of a cellular CDMA system, IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., VT-40, 303 312 (1991). [Git73] R. D. Gitlin, E. Y. Ho, and J. E. Mazo, Passband equalization for differentially phasemodulated data signals, Bell Syst. Tech. J., 52, 219 238 (1973). [Git82] R. D. Gitlin, H. C. Meadors, and S. B. Weinstein, The tap-leakage algorithm: an algorithm for the stable operation of a digitally implemented, fractionally-spaced adaptive equalizer, Bell Syst. Tech. J., 61 1817 1839 (1982).
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9: Working with Digital Media
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If the row has a value in the Nickname column, that value is passed though the isnull() function untouched. However, if the nickname is null for a row, then the null is handled by the isnull() function and converted to the value none.
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The use of MC simulation models in the eld of EDXRF spectrometry is becoming more and more
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The Save For Web dialog box appears.
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Working with Assemblies
The Ubuntu Samba Environment
Part II
Urbanski, P. and Kowalska, E. Application of partial leastsquares calibration methods in low-resolution EDXRS. X-Ray Spectrom. 24, 70 75 (1995). Van Espen, P. in Handbook of X-ray spectrometry: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded (Eds R.E. Van Grieken and A.A. Markowicz), Marcel Dekker, New York, 2002 pp. 239 339. Van Espen, P., Nullens, H. and Adams, F. A computer analysis of X-ray spectra. Nucl. Instrum. Methods 142, 243 250 (1977). Van Espen, P., Nullens, H. and Adams, F. An in-depth study of energy-dispersive X-ray spectra. X-Ray Spectrom. 9, 126 133 (1980). Vekemans, B., Janssens, K., Vincze, L. Adams, F. and Van Espen, P. Analysis of X-ray spectra by iterative least squares (AXIL): new developments. X-ray Spectrom. 23, 278 285 (1994). Wang, Y., Zhao, X. and Kowalski, B.R. X-ray uorescence calibration with partial least-squares. Appl. Spectrosc. 44, 998 1002 (1990). Wielopolski, L. and Gardner, R.P. Development of the detector response function approach in the least-squares analysis of X-ray uorescence spectra. Nucl. Instrum. Methods 165, 297 306 (1979). Wilkinson, D.H. Breit Wigner viewed through Gaussians. Nucl. Instrum. Methods 95, 259 264 (1971). Yacout, A.M., Gardner, R.P. and Verghese, K. A semi-empirical model for the X-ray Si(Li) detector response function. Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 243, 121 130 (1986).
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