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Another aspect of index tuning is the selectivity of the index. An index that is very selective has more index values and selects fewer data rows per index value. A primary key or unique index has the highest possible selectivity. An index with only a few values spread across a large table is less selective. Indexes that are less selective may not even be useful as indexes. A column with three values spread throughout the table is a poor candidate for an index. A bit column has low selectivity and may not even be indexed. SQL Server uses its internal index statistics to track the selectivity of an index. DBCC Show_ Statistics reports the last date on which the statistics were updated and the basic information about the index statistics, including the usefulness of the index. A low density indicates that the index is very selective. A high density indicates that a given index node points to several table rows and that the index may be less useful, as shown in this code sample:
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FIGURE 32.36 The Parting Line PropertyManager and the model up to Step 19
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13. When you flip back to the drawing (using Ctrl+Tab), the Name column now contains the value of your initials. 14. Click the Section View button on the Drawings toolbar. This activates the Line command so that you can draw a section line in a view. When sketching, a line can go either on the Sheet or in a view. This is similar to the distinction between the Sheet and the Format. To make a section view, the section line sketch must be in the view. You will know that you are sketching in a view when a pink border appears around the view. You may also use Lock View Focus from the RMB menu to lock view focus manually. 15. Bring the cursor down to the circular edge of the slot to activate the center point of the arc. Once the center point is active, you can use the dotted inference lines to ensure that you are lined up with the center. Another option is to create manually sketch relations. Turning on temporary axes displays center marks in the centers of arcs and circles. Figure 4.25 shows the technique with the inference lines being used. Draw the section line through the slot and then place the section view.
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coupling and decoupling networks in turn, while other nonexcited RF input ports of the coupling devices are terminated by 50- load resistors. 7. Filters should be provided to prevent harmonics (higher order or subharmonic) from disrupting the EUT. Specifications for this filter are provided in the test standard.
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continuity message, 283 event information, 291 forward call indicators, 292 forward transfer message, 284 information indicators, 292 information message, 284 information request indicators, 293 information request message, 284 initial address message, 282 283 nature of connection indicators, 293 optional backward call indicators, 293 optional forward call indicators, 294 original called party number, 294 pass-along message, 284 redirecting number, 294 redirection information, 294 redirection number, 294 release complete message, 283 release message, 283 resume message, 283 suspend message, 283 suspend/resume indicators, 295 transmission medium requirement, 295 transmission medium used, 295 user service information, 295 user-to-user information, 295 call-control messages, 282 284 call-control requirements, 277 278 call forwarding, 310 312 calling line identity, 309 310 circuit group supervision, 312 314 circuit supervision, 312 closed user group service, 310 congested/unavailable signaling route set, 314 continuity checking, 309 end-to-end signaling, 305 309 call indicators, 306 information request and messages, 305 306 pass-along method, 306 307 SCCP protocol, 307 308 exchange congestion, 312 failed setup procedures, 316 319 calls originated by ISDN users, 316 317 calls originated by subscribers, 317 318 intermediate exchange failures, 318 signaling interworking, 318 319 fallback, 315 international networks, 319 320 ISUP message format, 280 282
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Figure 2.3. Bandpass signal and envelope.
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Way back in 1995, Microsoft began testing a new type of Windows that would run on consumer electronics (CE) devices instead of PCs. Called Windows CE, this system looked a lot like the Windows 95 OS that was popular on the PCs of the day, and it offered programmers a similar experience for developing applications. But underneath the hood, Windows CE was different: It was aimed at a non-PC hardware platform that was appropriate for the mobile devices that were coming to market at the time, could run with minimal RAM and storage, and utilized a stylus as a pointing device instead of a mouse.
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counting gases. Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A450, 365 372 (2000). Vinagre, F. L. R. and Conde, C. A. N. Absolute W-value measurements for 5.9 keV X-rays in Xe Ne mixtures at atmospheric pressures. J. Appl. Phys., 88(9), 5426 5432 (2000). Santos, F. P., Dias, T. H. V. T., Rachinhas, J. P. B. M., Conde, C. A. N. and Stauffer, A. D. Monte Carlo simulation study of the Fano factor, W value, and energy resolution for the absorption of soft X rays in xenon neon gas mixtures. J. Appl. Phys., 89(12), 8202 8213 (2001). Dias, T. H. V. T. Radiation detection with noble gases: modeling and measurements, in Proceedings of CAARI 98 15th International Conference on the Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry (Eds J. L. . Duggan and I. L. . Morgan), Am. Inst. Phys. CP Ser. 475, 854 857 (1999). Santos, F. P., dos Santos, J. M. F., Dias, T. H. V. T. and Conde, C. A. N. Pulse-height-spectrum distortion in xenon gaseous detectors for soft X-rays: experimental results. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 42(4), 611 614 (1995). Borges, F. I. G. M., Santos, F. P., Dias, T. H. V. T., Rachinhas, J. P. B. M., Conde, C. A. N. and Stauffer, A. D. Xenon neon gas proportional scintillation counter for Xrays below 2 keV: a Monte Carlo simulation study. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 49, 917 922 (2002). Simons, D. G. and De Korte, P. A. J. Soft X-ray energy resolution and background rejection for a driftless GPSC. Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A277, 642 656 (1989). Borges, F. I. G. M., dos Santos, J. M. F., Santos, F. P., Dias, T. H. V. T., Rachinhas, P. J. B. M. and Conde, C. A. N. Xenon neon gas proportional scintillation counters for X-rays below 2 keV: experimental results. IEEE Nucl. Sci. Symp., 50, 842 846 (2003). Santos, F. P. Detectores Gasosos para Raios X: Simula ao c e Estudo Experimental. PhD Thesis, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal, 1994. J. A. S. Barata, Simula ao por T cnicas de Monte Caro da c e Deriva de Electr es em X non. Report, Universidade da o e Beira Interior, Covilh , Portugal, 1998. a Dias, T. H. V. T. A unidimensional Monte Carlo simulation of electron drift velocities and electroluminescence in argon, krypton and xenon. J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 19, 527 545 (1986). Dias, T. H. V. T. Simula ao do Transporte de Electr es c o em Gases Raros. PhD Thesis, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal, 1986. Leite, M. and Salete S. C. P. Radioluminescence of rare gases. Port. Phys., 11, 53 100 (1980). Suzuki, M. and Kubota, S. Mechanism of proportional scintillation in argon, krypton an xenon. Nucl. Instrum. Methods, 164, 197 199 (1979). Conde, C. A. N., Ferreira, L. R. and Ferreira, M. F. A. Secondary scintillation output of xenon in a uniform eld gas proportional scintillation counter. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 24(1), 221 224 (1977).
Still another responsibility for the kernel is hardware management. Any device that the Linux system must communicate with needs driver code inside the kernel code. The driver code allows the kernel to pass data back and forth to the device, acting as a intermediary between applications and the hardware. Two methods are used for inserting device driver code in the Linux kernel:
Figure 7.1.3 The relationship between the mean district SMR for CHD and log district hair calcium concentration (MacPherson and Bacs , 2000). Reproduced by permission of Elsevier Science o
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Figure 14-12: A port scan in progress.
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