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Figure 8.53 Determination of worst-case retention for a silicon nitride device. because both the written and erased states of the silicon nitride device were enhancement mode and a nonzero voltage had to be applied to the gate of the device to read the state of the device, as shown in Figure 8.52 and Table 8.7. The electric field generated by this positive read voltage accelerated the discharge of the trapped charge in the silicon nitride. To solve this problem, memory cells were designed with the erased state as depletion mode and the written state as enhancement mode so that the state of the device could be determined without applying a read voltage to the gate. Higher reliability could then be obtained at the expense of adding a pass transistor to the memory cell to disconnect any silicon nitride devices with depletion threshold voltages from the bit line. The addition of the pass transistor increases the size of the memory cell. A properly designed silicon nitride nonvolatile memory will meet a 10-year retention specification at an operating temperature of 125 C and exhibit almost no gate electrode shorts through the silicon nitride as a result of write/erase cycling. Nonvolatile reliability failure rates between 0 and 5 FITs have been obtained on commercial devices. Scaling If a nonzero voltage must be applied to the gate of the silicon nitride MOSFET during the read cycle, it is difficult to assure 10-year retention. For a gate voltage of 0 V during the read cycle, one state of the silicon nitride MOSFET must be depletion mode, necessitating the addition of a pass transistor in every memory cell. Therefore, the smallest silicon nitride memory cell requires at least two transistors,
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n Up to Vertex: In effect, Up to Vertex works just like the Blind end condition, except that
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If the Merge arc segment bodies option is not selected, then a separate body is created for arc segments. The Merge arc segment bodies option applies to the whole feature, and cannot be set selectively for individual arc segments within the selected sketch entities; it is either on for all or off for all. If some arc segment bodies should be merged and others should not, then you should create separate Structural Member features. It is also a curious limitation that only one arc may be selected if the selected path segments are disjoint. For example, the two arcs for two J shapes that do not touch could not be selected in the same Structural Member feature. The obvious workaround is to create two separate groups.
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Part III
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FIGURE 7.62 The PropertyManager interface for the curve to curve deform
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The interface metric value on the IP Settings page speci es the relative cost of using the selected network interface. The default value is 1. This setting performs the same function for multi-homed systems (those with multiple network interfaces) as the metric value assigned to
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Part VI
An alternate way to check for a single argument in Perl uses the shift command, as shown here:
5. After you complete your Burn List, insert a blank (or rewritable) CD into
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