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optical elements for imaging are grazing incidence mirrors, Fresnel zone plates, and Bragg Fresnel lens. By the use of single mirrors, such as toroidal and ellipsoidal mirrors, it is possible to obtain microbeams. However, it is desired to suppress the aberration caused by the grazing incidence optics, by the use of double re ection. Such an objective coated with a multilayer is the Kirkpatrick Baez type, as shown in Figure 3.1.13. The Kirkpatrick Baez objective consists of two grazing spherical or nonspherical mirrors, each of which focuses the light horizontally or vertically independently. In many cases, the surface of the grazing incidence mirrors is used at the total re ection condition of heavy metals, so that large mirrors have been required. Therefore, the multilayers and the supermirrors are used for coating materials to gather more ux. In Figure 3.1.14 is illustrated a graded W/B4 C multilayer deposited on a at substrate, which was bent to a parabola.23 The d-spacing has to be laterally graded because the angle of incidence differs continuously from the edge of the surface. The obtained nonlinear lateral gradient differed from the theoretical calculations by less than 1 %. The vertical spot size was measured by the use of 8 keV X-rays and was about 7 m, as shown in Figure 3.1.15. Recently, a spot size of 1 m has been achieved. Many efforts have been made to fabricate multilayer- or supermirror-coated Kirkpatrick Baez objectives to obtain microbeams at synchrotron radiation facilities and laboratories.24
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Coax is inherently quite secure as it is relatively dif cult to place physical taps on coax without detection. (Note: The original Ethernet taps were designed to be easy, but LANs operate in secure of ce environments.) Little energy is radiated through the outer shield, so radio antennas and inductive coils are of little use in gaining access to the raw signal. 2.5.7 Cost
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Transformer balun Port 1 ZS =ZL=50 W Z1
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Without restricting generality we can choose the coordinate system in the parameter space such that XTX = 1 is the p x p identity matrix. Furthermore assume aTa = 1. Then 0 = XTy, and
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CHAPTER 6 Displays
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Adjust exposure: Unlike Auto adjust, this doesn t provide a single-click solution.
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The Upgrade Path
The #submenu selector defines the formatting for the submenu div that appears just
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If there are member (resource) servers that exist in the domain or at this stage, they can be moved to this new container using the Move command on the main right-click menu. This task is shown in Figures 15.11 and 15.12. Users may be moved into OU containers in the same manner as servers or other resources. While all of the mechanics are new, none of these administrative functions are rocket science, though they are time consuming. Learn WSH and how to use it with Windows 2000. Being able to batch users and all of the properties associated with the account into a single script not only saves time, it also removes the tedium of everyday administrative functions such as this.
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