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NiO X-ray intensity (arb. units) (A) wide window (B) low-energy (C) high-energy window window La Lb 850 870 890
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Part 5: Programming in Ubuntu
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20 Using WordPress for Alternative Blogging 21 WordPress as a Content Management System
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Security through Wrappers
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First config
Optimizer off You can adjust any of these settings either by using the dedicated Drive, WB, or ISO buttons, or by using the Function button to access the Quick Navigation screen. The Auto Focus mode is set to AF-A, Automatic Auto Focus, but this can be changed with the Focus mode lever.
2: Navigating the SolidWorks Interface
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20.2.3 The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) TCP is a transport layer protocol that uses the packet delivery services of IP to provide host-to-host communication [13].
FIGURE B.95 The Image Quality options page
- Leff
ow that you have a working Linux system at your disposal, it s time to make it work for you. In this chapter, I m going to cover some of the tools that are at the very core of the web developer s arsenal: the OpenSSH remote access and file transfer protocol, the Apache web server, and running your email through Google Apps. Finally, I talk a bit about some steps you can take to ensure your server remains secure out in the bad, bad World Wide Web. If you re new to server administration, some of these technologies may seem alien and scary. You may have also noticed providers out there who offer to take care of the hosting for you. I can t stress enough how important it is for you to take on these tasks yourself. If you end up with a shared hosting service or you hire someone to manage your server for you, you re taking a huge risk that a part of your critical infrastructure is out of your control. It s amazing how often services give out after business hours. If your database server goes down and your client is screaming to have his or her site brought back online, would you rather fix the problem yourself right now or put in a call to someone who doesn t care as much about your client Give me Option A anytime; that s how you stay in business. In other words, you need to be the master of your own domain.
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