Implementing High Availability: Eliminating Single Points of Failure in .NET

Paint QR Code in .NET Implementing High Availability: Eliminating Single Points of Failure

Patterning and Mirroring
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Events range in severity from informational messages to serious events such as service or application failures. The primary event categories include informational, warning, error, success audit, and failure audit. The severity of an event is identi ed by an icon beside the event in the log. For example, warnings use an exclamation icon and errors use an X in a red circle. Each event has common properties associated with it: Date and Time. This is the date and time the event occurred. Source. This identi es the source of the event, such as a service, device driver, application, resource, and so on. The source property is useful for determining what caused the event (cause and event source are not synonymous). Category. The source determines the category for an event. For example, security categories include logon, logoff, policy change, and object access, among others. Event. Each event includes an event ID, an integer generated by the source to identify the event uniquely. User. This property identi es the user who caused the event to be generated (if applicable). Computer. This property identi es the computer that caused the event to be generated (if applicable). The Event Viewer MMC snap-in is the tool you use to view and manage the event logs. The Event Viewer presents the logs in the tree pane as individual branches. When you click a log, its events appear in the pane on the right (see Figure 2-19).
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appears. If you re importing photos from a digital camera, the Import window allows you to select which images to import, as shown in Figure 10-12.
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Comparison Operators
Ethernet Switch
Save the file to your Sites directory and then name it index.html. There may already be a file there by that name; feel free to overwrite it or rename the original, as this is just the default Apache welcome page. Open a browser and type http://localhost as the URL.
elect is the most powerful word in SQL. Because select is so common, it s easy to take it for granted, but no keyword in any programming language I can think of is as powerful and flexible. Select can retrieve, twist, shape, join, and group data in nearly any way imaginable, and it s easily extended with the insert, update, and delete verbs to modify data. SQL Server even extends the select command with XQuery, covered in 31.
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