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The term critical sampling , used in the previous sections, was used under the assumption of infinitely long signals. This assumption is justified with sufficient accuracy for audioand speech coding. However, if we want to decompose an image by means of a critically subsampled filter bank, we see that thenumber of subband samplesis larger than thenumber of input values. Figure 6.33 gives an example. Ifwe simply truncate the number of subband samples to the number of input values - which would be desirable for coding - then PR is not possible any longer. Solutions to this problem that yield PR
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Part V
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You can also add tolerances to dimensions in models; the tolerance is brought in with the dimension if you use the Insert Model Items feature.
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12.2.2 Computation of Average Error Probability Alternative Method
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used with a reference length of 256 bits.
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Setting the aspect ratio
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14.3.2 Viterbi Decoder Classical Representation
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NTSC input. Some video adapters don t have a TV tuner but they can accept a signal
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Understanding DNS Architecture
With all the physical insights obtained from speech production and perception, speech coding has only the actual acoustic waveform to work with and, as this is an information-carrying signal, a stochastic modeling framework is called for. At rst, we need to decide how to incorporate the time-varying aspects of the physical signal generation mechanism which suggests utilization of a nonstationary 5 stochastic process model. There are two external sources for this nonstationarity, best described in terms of the time variations of the acoustic wave propagation channel: The movements of the articulators which shape the boundary conditions of the vocal tract at a rate of 10 to 20 speech sounds/second. As the vocal tract impulse response typically has a delay spread of less than 50 ms, a short-time stationary representation is adequate for this aspect of nonstationarity. The movements of the vocal folds at fundamental frequencies from 100 to 500 Hz give rise to a nearly periodic change in the boundary conditions of the vocal tract at its lower end i.e., the vocal folds. In this case, comparison with delay spread suggests that the time variation is too fast for a short-time stationary model. Doppler-shift-induced modulation effects become important and only a cyclostationary representation can cope with this effect (compare Section 15.3.5).
Part VII: Looking at the WordPress Ecosystem
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