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s 2 4 in Part I describe RF principles.
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Many devices, especially Flash drives, do not meet the ReadyBoost specifications because only a small portion of the drive is truly at flash speed. In actuality, the overall performance of the Flash drive is too slow. Hence, ReadyBoost cannot use any resources from that particular device. MP3 players, while actually storage drives, cannot be used, either. However, it is not their speed that is the problem. Rather, it is their lack of available memory that prevents them from being used in conjunction with Vista s ReadyBoost feature.
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Figure 12-47: You can expand each group to see which photos will be included.
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The first technique is named after the dots that separate the hierarchy of elements and is based on the fact that the JavaScript DOM creates arrays for form elements, links, anchors, and images. The best way to demonstrate this is to show some sample code:
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16.4.2 Transaction and Component IDs ANSI does not have separate DEs for originating and destination transaction IDs. In query and response packages, the transaction ID (TID) value eld holds one 32-bit integer, which represents the originating or destination TID value. In conversation packages, the TID eld holds two 32-bit integers. The rst integer represents the originating TID, and the second represents the destination TID. ANSI uses the Component-ID data element in lieu of the Invoke-ID and Linked-ID information elements. If an ASE sends an Invoke in response to a received Invoke, the sent Invoke includes two Component-IDs representing, respectively, the Invoke-ID and the Linked-ID.
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As we noted above, the traf c offered, G, is the aggregate of all traf c on the network, including newly generated packets as well as retransmitted old packets. Example 11.14: Relation Between Data Rate and Throughput As a practical example, assume that we have a base station or an access point that supports a maximum transmission rate of 10 Mb/s and serves a large set of mobile user terminals with the pure ALOHA protocol. If only one terminal is activated, it can support a 10-Mb/s streaming application. If all terminals actively transmit, the terminals contending for access to the central module can altogether succeed in getting at most 1.84 Mb/s of information through the network. At that peak the total traf c from the terminals is 5 Mb/s, which is composed of 1.84 Mb/s of successfully delivered packets (some mixture of new and old packets) and 3.16 Mb/s of packets doomed to collide with one another. As we can see in Example 11.14, the data rate per user in pure ALOHA is a variable function, depending on the number of users sharing the channel and their traf c load. Therefore, in contrast with centrally controlled access methods, pure ALOHA (and in general, all distributed contention access methods) lacks the structure to support the quality of service (QoS) in the medium access control, and one needs to resort to higher layers of protocol to implement QoS. Slotted ALOHA. To increase the ef ciency of the ALOHA protocol, the slotted ALOHA scheme was proposed [Rob75]. In this scheme, shown in Fig. 11.24, the transmission time is divided into time slots, with each slot exactly equal to a packet transmission time. All the users are then synchronized to these time slots, so that when a user terminal generates a packet of data, the packet is held and transmitted in the next time slot. The synchronization is usually accomplished by transmitting a periodic beacon signal from one designated station in the network, usually the base station or the access point. With this scheme of synchronized time slots, the interval of vulnerability to collision for any packet is reduced to one packet time from two packet times in pure ALOHA. Because the interval of vulnerability is reduced by a factor of 2, the probability of no collision, using Eq. (11.5.1), is now P0 = e G , and therefore the throughput for slotted ALOHA is S = Ge G , which is plotted in Fig. 11.23 along with the throughput for pure ALOHA. The throughput for slotted ALOHA peaks at G = 1.0, where S = 1/e or about 0.368, double that of pure ALOHA. Note that at the point of peak throughput, 37% of the slots are carrying successfully transmitted packets, while the same fraction of slots (37%) are empty (this is the probability of having no packets in a time slot, with G = 1), and therefore about 26% are in collision. If we try to operate at higher traf c loads, the numbers of empty and successful slots both decrease and the number of collisions increases rapidly. By any reasonable measure, this cannot be considered a very ef cient scheme. Somewhat higher levels of throughput are attainable with ALOHA schemes in the presence of signal capture effects; we examine capture effects in Section 11.6. But rst we describe access methods that provide higher levels of throughput ef ciency by imposing greater discipline on access to the channel.
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VCS Service Groups
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Windows Vista s interface melds elements both old and new for an amazing, intuitive, and efficient computing experience. Everything can be customized: the desktop, the Start Menu, and the Sidebar. The Start Menu does away with expanding all over the screen and forcing you to drag your mouse cursor with annoying precision to get to the program you want to launch. It contains quick links to a powerful array of folders that enable you to organize your computer and your files quickly and with ease. The desktop and its window elements are subject to molding their appearance to your very whims. Meanwhile, the Sidebar keeps handy tools at the ready any time you need them.
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17 Table 17.1 Comparing Active Directory to NDS by Requirement ACTIVE DI RECTORY Partition boundary is a Windows 2000 domain to enable direct access to all objects in a domain. Partitions use indexed data store for fast retrieval. Designed to hold millions of objects. Optimized replication between sites and over slow network links. Global Catalogs are updated simultaneously with other replication cycles to ensure low latency. Single data store and access methods for partitions and catalogs. Implemented as a native LDAP server that requires no request translation. Consistent interpretation of access control rights when access is through LDAP. Provides LDAP-based access to all features. Full name space integration with DNS to simplify object location and access. NDS Partitions are not indexed. Novell recommends a maximum of 1000 objects per partition and that partitions should not span WAN links. Administrators must manage partition sizes and restructure partitions as they fill up. Searching for objects directly across partitions requires tree walking. Different data store for partitions and catalogs. High catalog latency since catalog is rebuilt only at scheduled intervals (default is 24 hours). Provides LDAP support by server-based interface that must be installed on NDS servers individually. LDAP requests must be translated to NDS formats. Limited LDAP-based access to NDS features. Different naming syntax for LDAP access versus access by NDS APIs. Access rights interpreted differently when access is via LDAP versus NDS APIs. No name space integration with DNS makes object naming and location more complex. Lacks support for Kerberos and Smart Cards. Catalog does not enforce object- and attributelevel security within the catalog database. Novell recommends that administrators minimize the use of groups that span partitions.
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Figure 16-37: You can look up all of your game Achievements, whether they
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That s all there is to figuring what your monetary ROI is. And with PPC campaigns that are properly managed, the ROI on your PPC campaigns should be impressive. But there is much more to PPC ROI than this. Other aspects of ROI that should be considered are not money-oriented, though they should always be coupled with monetary valuations. For example, if the goal of your PPC campaign is to gather information about your customers, then one of your ROI measurements should be how successful your PPC campaign is at gathering that information. Another ROI measurement could be brand loyalty or even satisfaction. What your additional ROI measurements will be should be based on your PPC campaign and the goals of that campaign. But don t weigh your whole campaign only on the monetary ROI, even if it turns out that monetarily your PPC campaign is very successful. Monitoring all your ROI measurements will help you keep your PPC campaign on track.
As with the retail versions, you also have to choose between both 32-bit and 64-bit OEM versions of Windows 7 online. However, you can t purchase Upgrade OEM software because OEM versions are only aimed at new PC installs.
In this particular /etc/auto_master file, the /net entry tells automounter (i.e., automountd) to manage the mounting of file systems in the /net directory. Any file systems exported and available to the local system can be accessed via the /net directory. The /home entry instructs automounter to manage home directories using the information found in the /etc/auto_home file. The third entry, starting with /-, calls the /etc/auto_direct map into use. We ll discuss direct maps in just a moment.
Ripping, bit rate, and audio quality
If you already have an e-mail account with a different company, you can turn that into a Windows Live ID as well. There is one important difference between using a preexisting e-mail address and creating a new one with Windows Live, however: You won t be able to use Hotmail for e-mail, contacts, or calendar management. Note, too, that when you configure an existing e-mail account as a Windows Live ID, you will need to create a password for this ID that is separate from the password you use to access e-mail from that account. I recommend just creating a standalone Windows Live ID and not using an existing e-mail account because it s very easy with Windows Phone to access multiple accounts in a seamless way.
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