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Figure 11-27: Windows Media Player can look up your CD online and, hopefully, find a match.
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PROBLEMS 7.1 As described in Section 7.4.2, the DRAM memory cell size can be expressed in the unit of a minimum feature ,;ize, F, as nF. 2 From the DRAM cell size and minimum feature size trend curves in Figure 7.4, calculate n, the number of F 2 for each generation of DRAMs. Figure 7P. 1 shows a cross section of a DRAM cell capacitor utilizing highdielectric-constant Ta2 05 film. Daring the deposition of the Ta2 05 film, a thin layer of silicon dioxide is formed on the polysilicon bottom electrode as
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Part III
Because the DOM depends on a hierarchy, there needs to be a root object, the head honcho of elements. That s window; everything on the page descends from it. In fact, the window element is pre-eminent enough that it s usually assumed; your calls to various page elements could be preceded by the window statement, but when the current window is the context, it s not necessary. The window contains a document object, which in turn holds the paragraphs, forms, images, and other items that make up the page. As with CSS, you have to know the syntax for selecting individual items to act upon. There are three methods for identifying elements: Dot-syntax. This lets you choose individual elements by using certain arrays. Tag. This lets you select all tags of a specific type. ID selection. This lets you choose an individual named element.
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