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This means that the selection of the sketch plane needs to be either not recorded or edited out afterward. Because this section discusses recording rather than editing, the macro will be recorded without the reference. To prepare for recording the macro, you need to turn off PhotoWorks if it is turned on. Macros record some PhotoWorks settings, which are not needed unless you are doing something that is specific to PhotoWorks. You can turn it off at Tools Add-Ins PhotoWorks. Also, when recording a macro, be careful not to make a lot of extra mouse-clicks or keyboard strokes. These may record unnecessary data to the macro, which requires additional editing.
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Figure 5.6.1 Fisheye lens view of the specimen chamber of the JSM-6340F seen from the specimen and obtained as a result of extreme specimen charging. We see the anti-contamination plate (A) just below the objective lens, the in-lens secondary electron detector (SED), the retracted backscattered electron detector (BSED), the chamber camera (C) and the end-cap of the EDS detector (EDS). Reproduced by permission of Springer-Verlag, Wien
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Part 4: Using the Ubuntu Server
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Figure 11.3-3. Mappings of Q.931 SETUP messages and ISUP IAM message.
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You can use the Event Viewer to view and manage the event logs. In addition to the security log, you can manage the application and system logs, as well as any additional logs created by
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FIGURE 7.24 Gaussian MSK modulation.
Note: Send the entire folder (in this example, PresentationCD) to anyone who wants to view the Influence presentation.
As of this writing, Microsoft has not included antivirus software as part of Windows Vista although you can purchase Microsoft s new One Care solution, which does include antivirus software as well as firewall and antispyware, system, backup, and restore utilities. In addition, Microsoft does provide information on its Web site about antivirus software programs that are compatible with Windows Vista. This compatibility is critical because not all antivirus software runs under Windows Vista. Unlike antispyware, if you have more than one antivirus program installed on your PC, you might encounter conflicts between these programs. If so, you see the Security Center icon warning in the Notification area of the taskbar, alerting you of this situation. Deleting one of these programs should correct this problem.
1 Click on the toolbar. 2 Click Ink Color.
include Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), vector quantization, fractal transform, and wavelet compression. Quantization and compaction encoding simply reduce the number of bits required to represent a color pixel. Compaction techniques include run-length encoding, Huffman coding, and arithmetic coding. Interframe compression considers and eliminates redundant information in successive video frames. The background of a movie scene, for example, might not change, even though the actors move around the set. While the motion of the actors must be re ected, the background need not be retransmitted over the network. Rather, it can be compressed out of each frame until background changes must be re ected. At the point of decompression at the receive end of the signal, the unchanged background can simply be reinserted over and over again. VIDEO STANDARDS
Figure 9.15 Access BPL.
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