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University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium
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Organizing Slides
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Differentiate (10.32) with respect to x j :
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CurrentInputLanguage (Public Static Property)
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SolidWorks Basics
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A unique index option is more than just an index with a unique constraint; index optimizations are available to unique indexes. A primary key or a unique constraint automatically creates a unique index. In Management Studio, you create a unique index by checking the Unique option in the General page of the Index Properties form. In code, you set an index as unique by adding the unique keyword to the index definition, as follows:
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Figure 10-8: The Backup Configuration Wizard
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Understanding the .NET Initiative
A motor, gear, and ratchet assembly driven by Basic Motion
TUP communicates with the Message Transfer Part (MTP) with the primitives shown in Fig. 8.7-1. MTP-transfer requests and indications pass information in the SIO and SIF elds of TUP messages/signals from TUP to MTP, and vice versa. The MTP-status, MTP-pause, and MTP-resume indications alert TUP that the signaling route set to a destination is congested, has become unavailable, and has become available again. These primitives contain the parameter PAD (point code of the affected destination). 9.2 CALL-CONTROL MESSAGES AND SIGNALS
At the birth of a new domain, any settings are unlikely to be blocked or overridden in any way, so you can safely assume that the policy that has been set up for the site into which you have placed your root DC lters, down to the bottom of the directory. In other words, any OU that you now create inherits from higher up. The domain, of course, is in the middle of this hierarchy, so you need to investigate the GP that is applied at the domain level to determine what effects that may have on your desired control at the OU level. Each domain created gets a default domain GPO. Study the information and document it on your help desk or change-management system. If you do not have a change-management system, even a database or word-processing document works it may get unwieldy eventually, but for now it serves the purpose.
One of the great things about still life photography is the wide variety of subject matter. Any item can be used as a subject for a still life photograph. Avoid the temptation of cluttering the scene; start with a single item and build the scene carefully. Watch how each item changes the light and shadows falling onto the other items. Any item can be made the subject of a still life photograph: owers, jewelry, a favorite vase or piece of clothing. Also, cooked or raw food makes great subject matter for still life photography. 6.58 This fairy statue lives on a high self, but for this picture, it was placed outside in the early morning sun so that the background could look natural. The shallow depth of eld kept the background blurred so that the delicate features of the statue would stand out. Taken at ISO 100, f/6.3, 1/1250 second.
# Master map for automounter # #+auto_master /net -hosts -nosuid /home auto_home /auto_direct
the percentage of equities, the greater the average return will be. It has become customary in nancial planning to display the STANDARD DEVIATION as a relative measure of volatility, but Andy doesn t count on scoring lots of points with Red Words. Note that portfolio 2 with 50 percent equities is actually a little less volatile than 100 percent bonds, as it is more diversi ed against the effects of in ation. Because risk is in the eye of the beholder, Andy presents this example from the perspective of various types of investors with different time horizons, as shown in Table 24.3. Ten-year horizon. Suppose you do not expect to retire for at least ten years. The first row of Table 24.3 displays the return over the worst ten-year period for each investment over the history of the data. In spite of the highest volatility, ten years is enough time to smooth out the ride with pure equities. Five-year horizon. Suppose you will need your money in five years. A portfolio of pure equities is just too risky, and 100 percent in bonds is also still unattractive. Either 50 percent or 70 percent equities seems about right. Three-year horizon. If you are retiring in three years, it looks like you had better be down to 50 percent in equities. One-year horizon. If you plan to remove all your money in one year, you don t have time to recover from the loss potential of a high equity portfolio. The pure bond portfolio looks like the best bet. With this concept under their belt, the client is better equipped to discuss his or her own portfolio. For this analysis, Bessemer considers a much broader universe of investments. They use a mix of history and forward-looking estimates, recognizing that the interrelationship between assets change over time. Furthermore they may
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