Good Scripting Practices in .NET

Maker QR-Code in .NET Good Scripting Practices

An up-and-coming technology named Bluetooth may prove to be a much better vehicle for wireless printing from desktops, laptops, and PDAs (personal digital assistants, like the Palm Pilot). Bluetooth is a radio-frequency standard, so line-of-sight isn t an issue anymore. Also, the distance limitation is about 30 feet, which is a whole lot more practical than 3 feet! Watch the computer magazines for information about Bluetooth as the standard evolves.
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Figure 14-8: Zune is attractive and easy to use.
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SolidWorks Basics
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HScroll (Protected Instance Property)
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FIGURE A.2 Add-ins that are available with each level of SolidWorks software
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The software requirements for installing and running SQL Server Native Client are listed in Table 5-1. The operating system will dictate the hardware requirements, including memory, hard disk capacities, CPU, and so on.
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13. Click the See Details button.
Creating and Using Macros
Figure 23-8: Modifying the properties of a SQLConnection in Visual Studio .NET. Figure 23-9: Editing command parameters in Visual Studio .NET. Figure 23-10: You can modify the DataSet column name to database table column name mappings in the Table Mappings editor. Figure 23-11: DataAdapter configuration error. Figure 23-12: You can utilize the DataAdapter Configuration Window to generate stored procedures for interacting with a database table. You can choose to accept the default stored procedure names or provide your own. Figure 23-13: You can use the built-in DataAdapter preview window to view the results of using a DataAdapter to fill a DataSet. Figure 23-14: Here, the DataAdapter Properties window shows the Generate DataSet command. Figure 23-15: You use the Visual Studio .NET Generate DataSet window to specify to which DataSets you wish to add the tables defined by a DataAdapter. Figure 23-16: You can add XML Schema documents to any .NET project. Figure 23-17: When attempting to edit an XML Schema document in Visual Studio .NET, you are taken to the XML Schema Editor and provided with a graphical interface for manipulating the Schema.
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You can then enter a value for the key by right-clicking it, clicking New, and then clicking the data type for your new value. Enter in the data and click OK (see Figure 13.24).
You can do so by entering the following code anywhere inside your head element:
There are many places you can find suggestions of keys to edit for results that aren t otherwise available through Windows. If you are looking primarily for user interface changes, then install TweakUI (covered in 4), which has numerous settings you can edit without hacking into the registry. There are Web sites available with tweaks, some good, some indeterminate; with all edits, make sure you do some research first before changing registry values. One Web site that often has useful information is On this site, you can search different categories to find out if someone has figured out how to change a setting you re interested in. As every reference on the subject will tell you, be careful! If you make the wrong changes in the registry, you can render your system inoperable. Don t say I didn t warn you! Before editing the registry, you should make a backup of all or part of it. The two easiest ways are to create a system restore point and to export the current registry key and its value. To find out how to create system restore points, see 14. To export a registry key, open regedit and browse to the key you are about to change. Select the key (or, if you re especially paranoid, the parent key), click File Export, type a name for your exported key (see Figure 13.22), browse to a location where you d like to save the key, and then click Save. Watch Out!
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