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in 1850, as best I can determine. The Pony Express began service in April 1860 with the promise that it could deliver a letter from St. Louis, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, in 10 days or less. Eighteen months later, the completion of the Western Union transcontinental telegraph network doomed the Pony Express. Although fax machines date to 1837, the rst commercial facsimile network was not built until 1865 and fax did not pose much of a threat until much later. The telephone arrived in 1876 and soon replaced telegraphy as the primary means of electronic communications. Western Union introduced teletypewriter service in 1923 so that companies could link branches and even join other companies in private text messaging over leased private-line networks. Beginning in about 1935, telegraph companies began to use telex (teletypewriter exchange), a rotary dialing system much like that used in telephone networks. Telex was an effective means of routing telegraph calls, and it ran at the amazing signaling speed of 45.5 bps and, later, at 50 bps, or 66 words per minute (wpm). Altogether, telex services eventually reached some 190 countries and 3.5 million machines, by some estimates. Telex was the rst true electronic mail service and, at one time, was undoubtedly the most heavily used textual telecommunication system in the business world. Telex service is still in use, largely in developing countries. Federal Express (1971) and other overnight courier services have since become a routine means of sending written documents. Fax machines became affordable and popular in the 1980s, enabling instantaneous transmission of image documents of any sort, not just those text based. Then came electronic mail (e-mail or email), an application software system originally intended for textual messaging. E-mail now permits the attachment of other forms of information, including binary les, images, graphics, and even digitized voice and video. Nonetheless, its primary use remains for textual messaging, at least for the time being. E-mail has it origins in the mid-1960s as a means for multiple users of time-share computer systems to communicate. E-mail quickly became popular for government and military communications in the late 1960s and early 1970s, especially as an application on the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork), which was the predecessor to the Internet. E-mail was popularized in the late 1970s and early 1980s as part of the of ce automation concept designed to lead us toward the paperless of ce, which was about as successful as the personal helicopter. Typically residing on a midrange computer, early systems included IBM PROFS (PRofessional OF ce System), Digital Equipment Corporation DECmail (included in the All-in-One applications suite), and the Wang Of ce. Network-based e-mail services were available from providers including AT&T Information Systems (AT&T Mail), CompuServe (EasyPlex and InfoPlex), MCI International (MCIMail), and Western Union Business Services (EasyLink). The proliferation of PCs and PC LANs in the 1980s and 1990s stimulated the growth of e-mail, which then became affordable and, therefore, accessible by a much larger community of potential users. According to a 2005 study by IDC, 84 billion e-mail messages will be sent each day worldwide in 2006, about 33 billion of which messages will be spam, that is, unsolicited e-mail. That equates to about 30,660,000,000,000 (thirty trillion, six hundred and sixty billion) messages per year, of which 12,045,000,000,000 (twelve trillion, forty- ve billion) will be spam. IDC further projects that business e-mail volumes sent annually worldwide will exceed 3.5 exabytes in 2006, more than
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The signals y1( t ) , yz(t), . . . contain the high-frequency components of zo(t), z1 ( t ) ,etc., so that the decomposition is a successive lowpass filtering accompanied by separating bandpass signals. Since the successive lowpass filtering results in an increasing loss of detail information, and since these details are contained in y1 ( t ) ,y2 ( t ) ,. . . we also speak of a multiresolution analysis (MRA). Assuming a known sequence { c o ( n ) } , the sequences {cm(.)} and {d,(n)} for m > 0 may also be derived directly according to the scheme
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Figure 3.8. Powder XRD data (Cu K radiation) for the lm achieved by spin-coating the In2Se3 precursor, with a nal anneal at 350 C in an inert atmosphere ( lm thickness 110 ).
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Data may be moved and massaged from one result set into a table by means of the insert/ select statement. The real power of this method is that the select command can pull data
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Part II
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Figure 2-2: Right-click the desktop to bring up this pop-up menu.
WINS properties
Directional arrows let you jump a page forward or backwards, while the icons provide basic options, such as return to home page, print, browse help, access the Ask someone page, and set HSC options. The Help Settings page (see Figure 16.6) from the Options menu lets you include online resources (Windows Assistance Online) when consulting help. This feature should definitely be checked if you are a broadband user; it means that you are sure to have the most up-to-date online help information available since your help queries consult both the local and Internet-based online help. The Search box acts as a traditional online help search box. You can type in one or several search terms and then press the green arrow. Windows will run your search and return results, if any, in the same window. Although the Set search options feature no longer exists in Windows Vista, you can click the Ask someone or expand your search link for setting additional parameters for your searches (see Figure 16.7).
of aluminum oxides, - and -Al2 O3 , bayerite and gibbsite.140 These aluminum oxides contain similar elements, thus the discriminations among these different phases are not achieved only by the elemental mapping using the characteristic X-ray lines. However, with the use of EXEFS we can obtain an image due to the difference in phase. Recently a wavelength dispersive X-ray uorescence spectrometer was equipped with an EXEFS analysis computer program as shown in Figure Basic studies on the radiative Auger spectra compared with the Auger electron spectra142 have become active after the emergence of the EXEFS method. The reason why the EXEFS spectra coincide with the XAFS spectra was at the rst stage not clear, but an exact theory has been proposed using a T-matrix expansion;143 the phase shift is slightly different from the true EXAFS analysis. EXEFS in X-ray uorescence spectrometry is used to investigate environmental samples because such samples are sometimes very dif cult to insert into an ultrahigh vacuum chamber at the synchrotron radiation facility.144
You can also copy and paste a Sticky Note right on top of a file in another application. For example, try this:
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