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Brennan and Cullen 1998 C. Brennan and P. Cullen, Tabulated interaction method for UHF terrain propagation problems , IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat., 46, 881, 1998. Buehler 1994 H. Buehler, Estimation of Radio Channel Time Dispersion for Mobile Radio Network Planning, Dissertation, Technical University Vienna (1994). Burr 2001 A. Burr, Modulation and Coding for Wireless Communications, Prentice Hall (2001). Cadambe and Jafar 2008 V. R. Cadambe and S. A. Jafar, Interference alignment and spatial degrees of freedom for the K user interference channel , IEEE Int. Conf. Commun., 971 975 (2008). Cai and Giannakis 2003 X. Cai and G. B. Giannakis, Bounding performance and suppressing intercarrier interference in wireless mobile OFDM , IEEE Trans. Commun., 51, 2047 2056 (2003). Cai and Goodman 1997 J. Cai and D. J. Goodman, General packet radio service in GSM , IEEE Commun. Mag., 35(10), 122 131 (1997). Calcev et al. 2007 G. Calcev, D. Chizhik, B. Goransson, et al., A wideband spatial channel model for system-wide simulations , IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol ., 56, 389 403 (2007). Callaway et al. 2002 E. Callaway, P. Gorday, L. Hester, et al., Home networking with IEEE 802.15.4: A developing standard for low-rate wireless personal area networks , IEEE Commun. Mag., 40(8), 70 77 (2002). Cardieri and Rappaport 2001 P. Cardieri and T. Rappaport, Statistical analysis of co-channel interference in wireless communications systems , Wireless Commun. Mobile Comput ., 1, 111 121 (2001). Catreux et al. 2001 S. Catreux, P. F. Driessen, and L. J. Greenstein, Attainable throughput of an interferencelimited multiple-input multiple-output cellular system , IEEE Trans. Commun., 48, 1307 1311 (2001). Chan 1992 G. K. Chan, Effects of sectorization on the spectrum ef ciency of cellular radio systems , IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol ., 41, 217 225 (1992). Chandrasekhar et al. 2008 V. Chandrasekhar, J. Andrews, and A. Gatherer, Femtocell networks: A survey , IEEE Commun. Mag., 46(9), 59 67 (2008). Chang 1966 R. W. Chang, Synthesis of band-limited orthogonal signals for multichannel data transmission , Bell Sys. Techn. J ., 45, 1775 1796 (1966). Chatschik 2001 B. Chatschik, An overview of the Bluetooth wireless technology , IEEE Commun. Mag., 39(12), 86 94 (2001). Chen and Chuang 1998 Y. Chen and J. C. I. Chuang, The effects of time-delay spread on unequalized TCM in a portable radio environment , IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol ., 46, 375 380 (1998). Chen and Luk 2009 C. N. Chen and K. M. Luk, Antennas for Base Stations in Wireless Communications, McGraw Hill (2009). Chen et al. 2005 J. Chen, L. Jia, X. Liu, G. Noubir, and R. Sundaram, Minimum energy accumulative routing in wireless networks , IEEE INFOCOM , 2005, 1875 1886 (2005). Chennakeshu and Saulnier 1993 S. Chennakeshu and G. J. Saulnier, Differential detection of Pi/4-shiftedDQPSK for digital cellular radio , IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol ., 42, 46 57 (1993). Chiang 2005 M. Chiang, Balancing transport and physical layers in wireless multihop networks: Jointly optimal congestion control and power control , IEEE J. Sel. Area. Commun., 23, 104 116 (2005). Choi et al. 2001 Y.-S. Choi, P. J. Voltz, and F. Cassara, On channel estimation and detection for multicarrier signals in fast and frequency selective Rayleigh fading channel , IEEE Trans. Commun., 49, 1375 1387 (2001). Chollet et al. 2005 G. Chollet, A. Esposito, M. Faundez-Zanuy, and M. Marinaro, Nonlinear Speech Modeling and Applications, Vol. 3445, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, New York (2005). Chrisanthopoulou and Tsoukatos 2007 M. P. Chrisanthopoulou and K. P. Tsoukatos, Joint beamforming and power control for CDMA uplink throughput maximization , 18th IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communication, Athens (2007). Chuah et al. 2002 C. N. Chuah, D. Tse, J. M. Kahn, and R. Valenzuela, Capacity scaling in MIMO wireless systems under correlated fading , IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, 48, 637 650 (2002). Chuang 1987 J. Chuang, The effects of time delay spread on portable radio communications channels with digital modulation , IEEE J. Sel. Area. Commun., 5, 879 888 (1987). Cimini 1985 L. J. Cimini, Analysis and simulation of a digital mobile channel using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing , IEEE Trans. Commun., 33, 665 675 (1985). Clark 1998 M. V. Clark, Adaptive frequency-domain equalization and diversity combining for broadband wireless communications , IEEE J. Sel. Area. Commun., 16, 1385 1395 (1998).
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Multi-rate System
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When the sampling instant is chosen adaptively, according to the instantaneous state of the channel, the error oor can be decreased considerably, and in un ltered systems even completely eliminated. Impact of the Shape of the Power Delay Pro le To a rst approximation, only the rms delay spread determines the BER due to delay dispersion. A closer look reveals, however, that the actual
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*Solid precursor: [{PPh3}2Cu(SEt)2In(SEt)2], 1. Liquid precursor: [ {PBu n }2 Cu (SEt )2 In ( SEt)2 ], 7. 3 # Substrate is located within the deposition zone. Direct reading from MKS ow controller (not calibrated); Ar ow is required for the aerosol creation mechanism.
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For most of us, including me, this is about as useful as the bicycle equations. However, as interpreted by computers and programmable calculators, it launched the trillion-dollar market in derivative securities. Furthermore, it is easy to gain a seat of the pants understanding of options. This in turn can allow you to actually bene t from uncertainty, rather than fear it.
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The Untrim Surface is discussed in the terminology section of this chapter. You can use it either selectively on edges or on the entire surface body.
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After the patch downloads, install it. The vast majority of patches are executable files that fully automate the patching process. When I run the Company of Heroes patch, it installs itself with just a single mouse click (Figure 24.16).
Security and Active Directory
Getting Started with Windows Vista Ultimate
This is the end of my server s /etc/passwd file here. You ll see the username, followed by an x, which represents the encrypted password for the user. This is followed by the ID numbers of the user and primary group, respectively. After that, you ll find the home directory; recall that this is created automatically by the adduser command. Finally, the file shows the default shell for that user. In the case of most regular users, the shell is Bash (Bourne-again shell). This is the program that users run when they log on with a Terminal application.
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