Setting Up Your Solaris Infrastructure in .NET

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The equivalent model of the zero capacitor must be correspondingly modi ed from Figure 14.14 to Figure 14.18. There are four differences in the modi ed equivalent model of the zero capacitor shown in Figures 14.14 and Figure 14.18:
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The Toolbox (see Figure 17-8) contains the objects and controls that can be added to Windows Forms applications and Web Forms applications. The Toolbox has a vertical tabbed theme that allows quick navigation between the different types of objects or controls that you want to add to your forms. By default, the Toolbox displays the Data, Components, Windows Forms, Clipboard Ring, and General tabs. A right-click on the Toolbox will display options for the Toolbox. Show All Tabs will display the remainder of the tabs that are not displayed. If you select this option, you will see that there are about 20 different tabs, ranging from XSD Schemas to UML Shapes. To place a Toolbox item onto a form, simply drag the selected control to the location of the form where you want the control to reside. You can also double-click on a control to place it at the last cursor position on the form. Once the control is on the form, you can then move it to any location on the form by clicking on the control and dragging it with your mouse.
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To ensure that the taskbar stays in its current location, lock it into place by right-clicking in an open space on the taskbar and choosing Lock the Taskbar.
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250 Part III Appendixes Adjustment 2
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