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Part 4: Using the Ubuntu Server
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21: Working with Drawing Views . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 615
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The windows and dialog boxes within Management Studio are non-modal, fixing one of the most annoying aspects of SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager.
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In examining the logical structure of Active Directory, it is best to start from the bottom of the hierarchy (sometimes called leaves, a leaf, or leaf objects ) and work up to the top (technically, the root ) of the tree. The most basic element of the Active Directory logical makeup is the object and its related attributes. The following sections outline the common logical elements found in a typical Active Directory structure. Objects An object in Active Directory is defined as any item contained in the directory that has a common set of attributes. Examples of objects are users, workstations, servers, printers, databases, files, and so on. An object is anything in the directory that has properties or attributes and is further defined by class definitions. An object can exist as a parent container or a child object in a directory hierarchy as well. This relational concept of parent and child is adopted from the X.500 specification discussed earlier (see Figure 1.12).
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Adding Graphics and Drawings
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Replication traffic (directory data) Logon (authentication) traffic Query traffic Network utilization (user/application data)
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Mobile transmit power
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16 Modifying Data
Id-Vg characteristics of a transistor: (a) before stress; (b) after stress, at following a short (6 s) eleciron injection pulse (Vg = Vd =7.0 V). (After Doyle et al., Ref. 21, 1990 IEEE.) Figure 6.6
8. Exit Edit Sheet Format mode by selecting Edit Sheet from the RMB menu. 9. Select the new view and click Insert Table Bill of Materials, or click the Bill of Materials button from the Tables toolbar. Use the default selections, except in the panels shown in Figure 24.18. 10. Click inside the exploded view, but off of any part geometry, and then select the Autoballoon tool from the Annotations toolbar. Toggle through the available options to see whether any of the possible autoballoon configurations meets your needs. If not, use the standard Balloon tool to select the part and place the balloon. This gives you more control over the attachment points and placement of the balloons.
The Internet is rife with risks. Hackers, crackers, saboteurs, and other unsavory characters abound, eagerly attacking the Net and its users at every opportunity. The risks certainly include system intrusion, unauthorized data access, system sabotage, planting of viruses, theft of data, theft of credit card numbers, and theft of passwords. While the Internet and the Web cannot be blamed for the concepts and practice of mischief, fraud, theft, and other socially unacceptable forms of behavior, they certainly provide another high-tech cyberalley on the information superhighway. The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at Carnegie-Mellon University comprises a group of experts which are responsible for overseeing security issues on the Internet. While it is highly doubtful that a single security measure or standard will prevail in the near and distant future, there exist a number of options, including message encryption, authentication, and authorization. Firewalls, incorporating much of the above, recently have gained the spotlight in terms of a defense mechanism. Encryption Encryption involves scrambling and compressing the data prior to transmission; the receiving device is provided with the necessary logic in the form of a key to decrypt the transmitted information. Encryption logic generally resides in rmware included in stand-alone devices, although it can be built into virtually any device. Such logic now, for example, is incorporated into routers, which
Use the Keep Until option to manage how much space TV programs and other videos take up on your hard drive.
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