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Figure 1.13 Inside a typical tower PC
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Determining the frequency of the signal is similar to measuring amplitude. The frequency is read off the horizontal scale, usually in MHz. The reference for the horizontal frequency axis is the center frequency point located on the middle or center graticule on the horizontal axis. The horizontal axis can be displayed in the linear or logarithmic mode. Figure 3.8 shows two signals. The signal on the left side of the display is 16 dB down from the top reference line (graticule). A second signal (right side of the display) is 28 dB down from the reference line. Measurement is always made from the reference line. In Figure 3.8, each vertical division is 10 dB. Spectrum analyzers as well as EMI receivers convert an input signal to a video signal using an envelope detector. These signals have a frequency range from DC (0 Hz) to a specified upper frequency determined by the detection circuit elements. An envelope detector consists of a diode followed by a parallel RC combination. The output of these components is applied to a specific detector. The time constants of the detector are chosen such that the voltage across the capacitor equals the peak value of the signal. This requires a fast-charge and slow-discharge time constant. If there is more than one signal within the measurement bandwidth of the instrument, their interaction can create a beat note. The envelope of the IF (intermediatefrequency) signal will vary according to the phase change between the two sine wave input signals. The maximum rate at which the envelope of the IF signal changes is determined by the value of the resolution bandwidth.
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In this section, we discuss the ways in which OntoShare facilitates access to and the automatic sharing of the information shared by users. Email Noti cation As described above, when information is shared in OntoShare, the system checks the pro les of other users in the community of which the user is a member. If the information matches a user s pro le suf ciently strongly, an email message is automatically generated and sent to the user concerned, informing the user of the discovery of the information. Thus, in cases where a user s pro le indicates that they would have a strong interest in information shared, they are immediately and proactively informed about the appearance of the information. Searching the Community Store Accessing Information and People Via a button on their OntoShare home page, a user can supply a query in the form of a set of keywords and phrases in the way familiar from WWW search engines. Users can also request that OntoShare only returns documents added by a particular user or added to particular concepts. A search window is shown in Figure 10.2. OntoShare then retrieves the most closely matching pages held in the OntoShare store, using a vector space matching and scoring algorithm (Granovetter, 1982). The system then displays a ranked list of links to the pages retrieved and
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The default is off. This option must be on to create or modify indexed views or indexes on calculated columns.
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to determine whether reactor design was responsible or whether thin- lm fabrication process parameters were not optimized. Figure 6.21(a), the crosssectional image of lm I, shows a columnar grain structure. The columnar grain structure lowers the cross section for photo-excited carrier recombination at grain boundaries, thus improving the performance of the solar cells. Figure 6.21(b) shows a plane-view image of lm III together with an inset of the same region at a higher magni cation. Under low magni cation, only the round structures appeared. However, when the magni cation was increased, smaller nanoparticles ( 100 nm) were observed. The nanoparticles may have been created above the hot substrate by pyrolysis of nanodroplets generated from the aerosol.56 Under this model, the ultrasonically excited aerosol continues to ow through until it breaks into numerous nanodroplets. Other proposed models include nanoparticles coagulating before landing on the growth surface57 and liquid deposition taking place instead of vapor deposition from the partial evaporation of the liquid droplet.58 Film IV is shown in Fig. 6.21(c). It exhibits a dendritic microstructure with nonfaceted, elongated grains. It was previously proven that this was a consequence of diffusion-limited growth.39 By increasing the ow rate, dense and trigonal-shaped faceted grains were obtained for lm V [Fig. 6.21(d)]. This shape is from the intersection of {211} faces in the chalcopyrite structure. The largest grain sizes obtained using SSPs were of the order of 0.5 m for lm V. XRD patterns revealed that the lms were either (112) or (204/220) oriented. Differentiation between the chalcopyrite and the sphalerite phases was made by differences in XRD patterns.59 XRD patterns for all ve lms are shown in Fig. 6.22(a). It was found that lms often contained a secondary phase (2 = 26.5 ), believed to be indium-rich (In-rich).7 The more In-rich the lm, the more likely it was that the secondary phase was present, with the lm being more (204/220) oriented. EDS measurements (not shown) indicate that the lms containing the secondary phase were In-rich and that the Cu/In ratio increased when the secondary phase was reduced upon annealing [Fig. 6.22(b)]. To con rm the In-rich nature of the secondary phase, GAXRD was performed on the lms. The GAXRD pattern [Fig. 6.22(c)] revealed that the secondary phase was concentrated at the surface. To nd out the chemical nature of the phase, lms containing the phase were etched in a 10% aqueous KCN solution for 2 min. It is common to etch Cu-rich CuInS2 lms in this solution prior to CdS deposition to remove undesired CuSx compounds segregated on the surface during CuInS2 deposition. In addition, it is also known that the etch rate of Cu-rich compounds in KCN solutions is much higher than for In-rich compounds.60 After etching, GAXRD still showed the presence of the secondary phase on the surface without any change in its diffraction intensity, which means that the phase is not CuSx. The nature of the secondary In-rich phase was also con rmed by Raman spectroscopy.7 Processing conditions were sought to prevent the formation of the secondary phase, to favor growth conditions of (112)-oriented lms, and to avoid the
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Figure 14-13: Filtering the view to a single artist
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While the Windows 7 Start menu is a big improvement over its predecessors, you will likely want to customize it to match your needs. We ve already discussed how you access this functionality: right-click the Start button, choose Properties, and then click the Customize button. Table 4-3 summarizes the available options.
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Friend WithEvents SqlConnection1 As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection Friend WithEvents SqlCommand1 As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand
24.11 Glossary for GSM
Input impedance matching network
1.0 0.9 0.8 0.7 Frequency 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0.0
City Hall
FigurE 13-24: Phone (and voicemail) settings.
You can only manage your own online persona for so long. Eventually, you re going to want to spend a bit of time connecting with the people you really care about. This is generally done via the People hub referenced briefly in the previous section, but before I dive too far into that, it will be instructive to step back a bit and consider how it is that these people came to be on your phone in the fi rst place. You can add multiple accounts to your phone. Not just your default Windows Live ID, which is important of course, but also accounts of different types: Outlook/Exchange accounts, Google accounts, Yahoo! Mail accounts, Facebook accounts, and so on. Virtually any kind of account imaginable can be added to Windows Phone, assuming it offers some form of standards-based e-mail, contacts, and/or calendar support. DHCP Server
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