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Mercury vapor, sodium vapor, and multivapor lamps have become very common in the world today and will render a subject a little greener than it should be. The light produced by vapor discharge lights is hard to accurately measure on the Kelvin scale and there is not a preset white balance setting for it. Because this type of lighting is used in many places, it is likely to end up in your photographs at some point, so the best way to deal with it is to shoot using the RAW image quality. The image can then be adjusted later on the computer. If that is not an option, it is possible to set a custom white balance.
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Part I
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Before con guring multilink for a dial-up connection, you need to rst install the multiple devices you ll be using to dial out. If you only have one device installed, the multilink options are not shown. If multiple devices are installed but only one is selected for the connection, the multilink options are dimmed.
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Shell ash korn tcsh zsh Description A simple, lightweight shell that runs in low-memory environments but has full compatibility with the bash shell A programming shell compatible with the Bourne shell, but supporting advanced programming features such as associative arrays and floating-point arithmetic A shell that incorporates elements from the C programming language into shell scripts An advanced shell that incorporates features from bash, tcsh, and korn, providing advanced programming features, shared history files, and themed prompts
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Coax Baseband
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Making Your Home Page Feel Alive (continued)
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Use CHA2; DBCC CheckIdent ( Customer );
Comma-separated list of IDs String Text or HTML String Text or HTML Category name ASC, DESC String Boolean Comma-separated list of IDs Comma-separated list of IDs
25: Shell Scripts
6 Click OK.
My personal favorite all-purpose Web search engine, at least for the time being. Put phrases in double quotes and precede em with a plus sign to mandate an exact match.
GMSK (Gaussian MSK) is CPFSK with modulation index hmod = 0.5 and Gaussian phase basis pulses: g(t) = gG (t, TB , BG T ) Thus the sequence of transmit phase pulses is
Figure 2.9. The Internet Protocol Properties window.
and there is also the long-form radio commercial referred to as brokered time. This is where the advertiser buys the time slot (usually a half hour to an hour) and uses it just like a talk show to promote his or her own business. It might be a real estate show, an investment program or even a show on health. Los Angeles advertising guru and radio copywriter Dan O Day says that it is vital to have only one message to convey to the listener in the typical radio spot, and that should be what he calls the core message. Radio is the most personal of all mass media. You listen to the message in a linear fashion one statement after the next, says O Day. O Day points out that radio is also a very visual medium in the sense that the listener has to imagine what is being described. For example, if a child is described as beautiful, the listener pictures a child he or she considers to be beautiful. If this was done on TV and a child was shown, there might be a credibility gap. The child visualized by the radio listener may be personally more beautiful to him or her than the actual one seen on TV. If you are doing a direct response radio spot, one of the most important elements is the toll-free number. Is it easy to remember Most radio listeners are driving their cars, and others just may not have a pen and paper handy. Some advertisers are using words instead of numbers to make it easy to remember. For example, 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-CARPETS or even 1-800-BLUBLOCKER. These make great radio phone numbers. In the case of the BluBlocker number, there are a few extra letters in BluBlocker (9 instead of the correct 7) but that s okay as it doesn t matter to the phone company if you punch a few more keys after you dial the number, and besides, it s easy to remember. But you ve got to be careful that people spell the phonetic version of your number correctly. For example, many people have typed in 1-800-BLUEBLOCKER by mistake, spelling blue correctly even though it is not the actual spelling of the brand. So we arranged for both the correct and the incorrect numbers to be directed to the same phone line. We assumed in advance that sometimes it was going to be misspelled and therefore prepared for it.
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