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FIGURE 18.16 Reconfiguring the hole
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Organizations hold a variety of beliefs near and dear. These may be business philosophies ( The customer is always right ), cultural paradigms ( No one ever got into trouble in accounting by turning down expense requests ), or accountability constraints ( If you want to work in sales, be prepared to give up your home life ). Some are deadon accurate, some are situational, some are largely myth, and some are outright falsehoods. But the absolute fact is that they will, indeed, be across the board, meaning that you can bet your next paycheck that a significant number of corporate premises will not be totally accurate. And the problem, of course, is that internal people are often caught up in them, part of them, or perpetrators of them! External people have no such problem and are usually aghast at what their clients purport to be true.
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What s New in Internet Explorer 7+
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Assuming you have completed the Parting Surface either manually or through the SolidWorks Mold Tools, the next step is the Tooling Split. If you complete the Parting surface manually, make sure it is knit together as a single surface body, and then in the Surface Bodies folder, drag the knit surface into the Parting Surface folder. Tooling Split will not work unless all of the surface bodies are in their correct folders. Figure 32.26 shows the PropertyManager for the Tooling Split feature, along with a preview of the feature. The feature will produce two solid bodies, representing the cavity and core blocks of the mold. This model is included on the CD-ROM, under the name 32 frame mold tools.sldprt.
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The specific formulas for finding these numbers are not as important as an intuitive grasp of what the numbers mean and how they are used, at least in relation to using SolidWorks to model sheet metal parts. The numbers used to fill out Bend Tables using K, BA, or BD values are typically taken from experimentally developed tables.
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Table 6.4
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Throughout this makeover, I assume you are using the div-based layout approach as defined in 2.
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Figure 3.8. The Windows Vista setup screen is slightly different for upgrade installations.
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My favorite advice to tell our customers is to stand back and really get a good understanding of how customers talk about your company and products. Then try to reach your customers using the way they speak and think. You can t change human behavior. Instead you need to change the content to reach the people. I would suggest that you march right over to the person in charge of SEO about any keyword research they have done. This helps you determine what keywords your customers are using, and then you can integrate those into your press releases. Jerri: In integrating your press releases with the rest of your search marketing efforts, should you include links in them Skerik: Yes. You have to think of press releases as part of your content, not separate entities. It s absolutely fabulous to include the keywords that have been identified as productive for what you re marketing. And you can add extra emphasis to those keywords by linking them to corresponding pages on your web site. The best practice is to link your press release to a page on your web site that s related to the keyword. The search engine then infers that the keywords, press releases, and links are all related and relevant. Be careful, though, because you can dilute your efforts if the keyword is linked to a page on the site that doesn t contain that keyword. For example, if your keyword is hot dog and you decide to link it to a section on your page about hamburgers, reasoning that people who like one would be interested in the other, you actually risk diminishing your audience. Linking to a page that doesn t strongly support your message is a mistake, because search engines won t make the connection, and your ratings can suffer as a result. The search engine will see the press release, see the link, and follow that to the web page to see that there s nothing related to the keyword. If the search engine doesn t see something related, then that page won t get a powerful reciprocal connection. This is where press releases can be really powerful. You send out a press release with links back to your site and it s widely distributed. The results will be links back and forth to your site. So the search engines will see the connection and it lends credibility to your site. Web sites that have the highest visibility are those that have hundreds of links back and forth. Here again, this is an opportunity to strengthen your SEO because linking helps to build the overall authority of your site. Jerri: You said there had to be a shift in the way that organizations think about using press releases. Does there also need to be a shift in the way companies think about using SEO as a means of gaining visibility for the message Skerik: Yes. Writing a press release is where some difference in thinking comes into play. Headlines are one area where you can gain a lot of mileage for SEO. Headlines are so important that the New York Times is training their writers in SEO techniques so they know how to write headlines that are search engine-friendly. Instead of the catchy headlines that most media organizations use, the practice now is to use contextual headlines that are relevant to the subject of the press release and that contain keywords.
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Using the Soundex() Function
23: Adding User Forums with bbPress
you can follow the link back to that site to find out why. A site using stolen content is easy to find using this method. There are also many services available that will help you track your web-site content. Those services are covered in more depth in 12. Tagging works well for finding content thieves, and there s another tactic you can use to thwart automatic content scrapers domain cloaking. This is a process by which your web site appears to be located somewhere other than where it is. This is accomplished using an HTML frame set that redirects traffic from one URL to another. For example, if your web site address is www.you.somewhere.com, you can use domain cloaking to have your site appear to be www.yourbusiness.com. The problem with using domain cloaking is that it can confuse a search engine crawler, because the same content appears to be on two pages, although it s only one page and one that redirects. And another problem is that some search engine crawlers can t read the frame set that s used to redirect the user, which means your site may end up not being ranked at all. This is a tactic that should only be used in special cases where content is truly unique and could possibly affect your SEO rankings (or that of someone who might steal it) in a dramatic way.
([Customer].[Country].[Country].&[Germany], {[Date].[Calendar Year].[Calendar Year].&[2003], [Date].[Calendar Year].[Calendar Year].&[2004]})
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Scanning through the power plans, it s likely that you ll find a plan that at least somewhat matches your expectations, but you don t have to accept Microsoft s default settings. You can easily modify any of the existing plans, and even create your own power plans. You ll look at those possibilities in the next section.
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24.2 SELECTION OF INDIVIDUAL VOICE AND DATA CHANNELS Most wireless communications systems (with the exception of CDMA systems described in Chap. 30) serve multiple users by assigning a separate range of RF frequencies within their total licensed bandwidth to each user. The individual user channel is separated out of the total licensed RF frequency band by the mixer. Figure 24.4a is a block diagram of the complete RF receiver. The numerical values shown are for the original U.S. analog cellular phone system. (Later this system was upgraded to become the IS-136 digital system using TDMA.) The downlink half of the system is shown for transmission from the base station to the mobile units. Each
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