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Save your Registry files to an external source so that if something goes wrong during the editing process, you can still access this information even if you cannot reboot your computer.
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Throughout this chapter, remember that index.php is the catch-all file that handles all theming if a template doesn t exist for the request. For example, without a search.php, file, index.php handles the rendering of search data according to the markup you provide. n
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gateway between the ATM network and another type of network. In an ATM network there are two types of interfaces: 1. User network interface (UNI), between an ATM endpoint and an ATM switch. This interface is also called the access interface. 2. Network network or network node interface (NNI), between two ATM switches. This interface is also called the network interface. An ATM network can be owned by a telecommunication company (carrier), in which case it is called a public ATM network; or it can be owned by an enterprise, in which case it is called a private ATM network. Depending on the entities owning the endpoints and the network nodes, NNI and UNI interfaces can be private or public. Private interfaces are between entities in a private network; public interfaces are between entities in a public network, or between a private and a public network, or between two public networks (Fig. 22.1-2). ATM was originally intended as an alternative to IP and Ethernet, to be deployed seamlessly from public backbone networks all the way to LANs and residential users [2]. However, after losing the desktop war to Ethernet and IP, ATM is now deployed mainly on xDSL lines (Section 2.1.5) and in carrier backbone networks that interconnect IP networks. The transfer mode used by ATM is called asynchronous because the recurrence of cells in a data ow is not necessarily periodic, and cells do not have a preassigned temporal position or time slot in a transmission link as in time-division multiplexing (TDM Section 1.5). In an ATM cell, a header identifying a particular data stream is prepended to the user data (payload) and allows each cell to be routed individually regardless of its position in the bit stream, thus enabling statistical multiplexing of data ows in a transmission link. ATM achieves two main objectives in voice and data convergence:
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Remote Access
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In the overview section, there is a link that lets you set firewall properties. This opens up a window that has four different tabs (see Figure 7.7):
Figure 10.1 Cross section through the orthicon.
Figure 14: Microsoft Zune
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Part VII: Working with Specialized Functionality
Not surprisingly, where software developers might once have built programs that ran on their own with little regard for the operating system or other programs, the increasing sophistication and complexity of today s operating systems requires developers to pay more attention to how their programs interact with the OS and with other applications. The programs that could not keep up have died out. Of course, these requirements apply to hardware devices, too, such as printers and graphics adapters, whose drivers have to be written and rewritten to ensure that the device operates normally in any OS environment.
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