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the input impedance network, so that the trace S11 can be pulled clockwise toward the center of the Smith chart along the constant conductance circle. This will de nitively help enhance the power gain of LNA. In the output impedance network shown in Figure 1.37, the de-Q resistor, RP,out = 500 , is removed. The DC blocking capacitor in Figure 1.37, CS,out = 1 pF, is replaced by a smaller capacitor, CS,out = 0.13 pF, and an additional capacitor, CP,out = 0.3 pF, is added at the output terminal as shown in Figure 1.39. By the addition of LP,out = 5 nH, the trace S22 is pulled counter-clockwise to somewhere in the upper portion of Smith chart along the constant conductance circle. Then, by the addition of CS,out = 0.13 pF, the trace S22 is drawn counter-clockwise to somewhere in the upper portion of the Smith chart along the constant resistance circle. Finally, by the addition of CP,out = 0.3 pF, the trace S22 is pulled clockwise toward the center of the Smith chart along the constant conductance circle. The resulting S parameters are plotted in Figure 1.40: 20.8 dB < S21 < 25.5 dB, S21 = 25.5 dB, when 3.696 < f < 4.224 GHz, when f = 3.960 GHz, (1.163) (1.164)
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The dialog box asks you to specify a size for the document. Because you re designing for the web, you should use pixels as your measurement unit and 72 dpi (dots per inch) as your resolution, which is the standard for computer displays. Photoshop includes a number of size templates; choose the Web preset and then pick a size from the pop-up menu. Because you re designing a standard site with a 960-pixel width, the 1024 768 template is fine. There s no need to title the document at this point. When you re done, click OK. Your new window, as shown in Figure 12.2, appears. Figure 12.1 Photoshop s New dialog box
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FIGURE B.73 The Document Properties Colors Options Page
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newscasters kept saying we would need to wait until the next poll to see the results of some campaign-related event, but those events were probably already re ected in the prediction markets. To what extent did the economy in uence the election It is well-known that a sour economy is bad for the incumbent party in general. But how clear was the picture with John McCain and the 2008 meltdown The prediction markets tell a lot. Figure 27.7 is a scatter plot of McCain s price on Intrade versus the Dow Jones Industrial Average from October 1 through October 13, 2008. It displays a strong relationship that could not have happened by chance. For what it s worth, I couldn t resist calculating the value of the Dow that would have brought McCain up to a 50/50 chance during this period if this had been the only variable and there had truly been a linear relationship (both big IFs). Of course, the true picture is more complicated but contains plenty of interesting patterns. Figure 27.8 displays the time period from January 2 through the election. I have made this data available at if you wish to explore it further on your own.
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Facilitation: The ability to run a meeting without taking sides, to acknowledge and embrace differing points of view, to proceed sequentially through an agenda stimulating conversation while suppressing duplication and irrelevance, and to provide all participating with the beliefs that they were heard and were involved in honest debate. Good facilitators find cause not blame, and focus on future actions not past reprisals. Planning and project management: Both of these pursuits involve the organization and priority setting that propel and plan forward, anticipating and resolving roadblocks and resistance. Preventive actions should be in place to avoid trouble, but contingent actions should also be established to handle the unavoidable. Team building: The ability to set rules of engagement for teams, to support and develop team leaders, to identify and correct inhibiting behaviors, and to ultimately create selfsanctioning, self-directed teams that establish their own goals, priorities, and work flow. Coaching: The best coach can work with any level of individual, and establishes objectives for improvement, metrics to
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<script language="VB" runat="server"> Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Dim strConn as string = "PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DATA SOURCE=" & _ server.mappath("db1.mdb") & ";" Dim strSQL as string = "select * from customers " Dim Conn as New OLEDBConnection(strConn) Dim Cmd as New OLEDBCommand(strSQL,Conn) Conn.Open() DataList1.DataSource = Cmd.ExecuteReader( Connection)
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If X exists and is finite for at least one value o f t , then it exists and is monotone (although not necessarily finite) for all t. This follows at once from the remark that
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he .NET Framework is included with Windows Server 2008 but like many other features, it needs to be speci cally installed before it can be used. (See 2, Con guring Windows Server 2008. ) This framework for application developers enables your system to run very sophisticated programs that are extremely fast and extremely portable. The .NET Framework also enables many components to run on the server. A good example is Windows PowerShell, which is built on the .NET Framework. ( 2 includes a discussion of Windows PowerShell.) Along with this power also comes security concerns. Presumably, because the framework is integrated, applications that run on it can have a great deal of control over the server. To some degree that s true, but this is where security comes into focus. In this chapter you learn about the components that make up the .NET Framework. You glimpse at its application programming interface as well as view how the garbage collection facility works and how you can monitor it. The recent versions of the .NET Framework include versions 3.0 and 3.5. These bring many new features to the platform, for example: the .NET Framework now includes the XPS Viewer, which lets you view, sign, and protect XML documents; and Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) and HTTP Activation Components, which allow applications to start and stop dynamically in response to inbound requests from the network in general and from HTTP requests in particular, and so on. Another exciting addition is the Windows Work ow Foundation (WWF), which allows developers to build advanced work ow and queuing applications.
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The Internet itself is a massive, global computer network. Web servers, FTP servers, and other places that you surf to all share data with your computer. They send, at your computer s request, Web pages, RSS feeds, files, and so on.
Gap = Spacing / 2
the shape of the rest of the feature, you have two flat ends. Even lofts and sweeps typically end up with one or two flat ends because the section sketches are often planar. Surfaces enable you to create one side at a time. Another way of looking at it is that using surfaces requires you to create one side at a time. You will find times when, even with prismatic modeling, surfacing functions are extremely useful, if not completely indispensable. I do not propose that you dive into pure surface modeling just to benefit from a few of the advantages, but I do recommend that you consider using surface techniques to help define your solids. This hybrid approach is sensible and opens up a whole new world of capabilities. I have heard people say after taking a SolidWorks surfacing class that they would never look at the software in the same way again.
Customizing Vista s Look and Feel
Sensors provide an alert if a monitored value goes outside of a specified range. Sensors can be used in parts or in assemblies. the types of values that you can monitor with Sensors are dimensional values, mass, volume or surface area, interference detection between select components, and Simulation data (stress analysis values). Of these, in assemblies, interference detection is of most concern. To create a sensor in an assembly, right-click the Sensors folder in the assembly FeatureManager. If the Sensors folder is not there, go to Tools Options FeatureManager page and turn it on. Figure 12.17 shows the Sensor setup interface.
SolidWorks allows you to make a text box of a specific size that causes text to wrap. This is particularly useful in drawings. The upper image in Figure 20.6 shows a new annotation being added. The lower image shows the same text box after the corner has been dragged.
Par.13 Event Information. This is a mandatory (MF) parameter in CPG messages (Fig. 11.2-4). It indicates an event that has occurred during call setup. 0000 0001 0000 0010 0000 0011 0000 0100 0000 0101 0000 0110 Called party has been alerted Progress In-band tone or announcement is now available Call forwarded on busy Call forwarded on no answer Call forwarded unconditionally
Figure 9-29: Like XP and Vista, Windows 7 offers two ways to share folders: Sharing for Dummies (the wizard) and Advanced Sharing.
Part VII
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