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Part V
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Either way, when you re done making your selection, you return to the Pictures hub, which is newly redecorated (Figure 5-21).
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Format tab.
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2. From the toolbox, choose one of the selection tools (such as the rectangular box) and select an area on your image. 3. Again from the toolbox, choose the Rotate tool, then click in the selected area on the image. The Rotate dialog box appears, allowing you to specify the details of the rotation. As you increase or decrease the amount of rotation, you ll see the selected image area actually rotate in the editor. When you get to just the right spot, click the Rotate button to apply the rotation. 4. From the toolbox, select the drawing instrument of your choice (paintbrush, pencil, etc.) and do some doodling in your image. By default, your drawing color is set to black. To change the color, double-click the foreground area in the toolbox. The Change Foreground Color dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 10-9.
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The Aero Snaps right keyboard shortcut is WinKey+Right Arrow. As with Snap left, Snap right works uniquely on multiple monitors too: as you repeatedly tap the keyboard shortcut, the window moves right across the displays, snapping to various screen edges as it goes. Again, it will eventually make a complete round-trip between the various displays.
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Figure 48-5: (a) Row/column header value selection (b) Resulting headers All data (center) area fields display under a single field header named Data, which can be used to remove unwanted data fields by unchecking the unwanted fields in the drop-down. The drop-downs associated with a page field apply filters across the entire table. For example, Figure 48-6 (a) limits the PivotTable to only displaying items associated with German customers. Multidimensional data sources allow a filter to include multiple value selections, as shown in Figure 48-6 (b).
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5. In the empty field, type msconfig and then click OK.
Using Variables in Perl
FIGURE 8.30 Applying an appearance to a part
Local accounts
Intensity (counts)
FIGURE 26.23 Shelling two sides of a block
Zout ZL XL
Figure 10.15 LP1 CS CP2 topology of impedance matching network available for input and output of a device.
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