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The third common element in any theme is the sidebar (see Figure 10.5.). Many themes have more than one sidebar (two- and three-column themes are extremely popular). Whenever the get_ sidebar() template tag is called, WordPress looks for sidebar.php. While sidebars get their name from historically appearing in an off to the side portion of a Web site (and in most cases, still do), sidebars can be horizontally oriented and placed anywhere on a page. Most theme sidebars today are widgetized and have become known as places where users can personalize their blogs from within the WordPress Admin. To that end, many sidebars might consist of different sidebars within sidebars, a language nuance that stems from the difference between the structural sidebars discussed here and widgetized sidebars discussed in 6.
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and notIcIng that rl x rh x rh = -,Ah l = (Vln)l. Therefore, (Vln)l, and therefore V In, and therefore V, will be a maximum when r2 = rh = rh which will happen when r = h. This is the solution; the height of the cylinder must equal its radius. Can the Ladies' Diary problem be solved in the same way The volume of the cylinder is proportional to DEl x PQ, and we know that DElAP is constant. Therefore, it is required to maximize Apl x PQ. In other words, given any line AQ, find a point on it, P, such that Apl x PQ is a maximum. Since PQ AQ - AP, we have to maximize APl(AQ - AP), which is the same as maximizing APl(2AQ - 2AP) which can be thought of as the product of three factors: AP x AP x (2AQ - 2AP).
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Meta search engines are those that search search engines. This listing of meta search engines will point you in the direction of the most used ones. You can t submit your site to most meta search engines. Instead, for your site to appear in these rankings, it will have to appear in the top listings in several other search engines. DogPile: www.dogpile.com MetaCrawler: www.metacrawler.com/info.metac/ Kanoodle: www.kanoodle.com 7MetaSearch: http://7metasearch.com/ Ixquick: www.ixquick.com/ iZito.com: www.izito.com/ Vivisimo: http://vivisimo.com/ kartOO: www.kartoo.com/ Mamma: www.mamma.com/ SurfWax: www.surfwax.com/ Clusty: http://clusty.com/ CurryGuide.com: http://web.curryguide.com/ Excite: www.excite.com/ Fazzle: www.fazzle.com/ Gimenei: http://gimenei.com/ IceRocket: www.icerocket.com/ Info.com: www.info.com/ InfoGrid: www.infogrid.com/ Jux2: www.jux2.com/ metaEureka: www.metaeureka.com/ Turbo10: http://turbo10.com/ WebCrawler: www.webcrawler.com/
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LDAP entry point and other LDAP compliant directories Organization White Pages (e-mail, phone, and fax addresses) Catalog Searching Interconnection with other directories Internet Users Internet Road Warriors Extranet Access Security
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Networking Issues
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If you re using Windows Virtual PC, VHDs for the virtual machines you ve created are found in C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines by default. Older versions of Virtual PC utilized C:\ Users\[your username]\Documents\My Virtual Machines.
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The policy is the property of the GPO. The policy is the actual setting that is applied through the association as discussed in the section Active Directory Containers earlier in this chapter. All GPOs have the same policies. You do not add or remove a policy from a GPO, but policy is activated in several ways. The policy rst must be de ned and then possibly enabled or disabled or otherwise activated in the particular GPO or applied to a security group. After it is enabled or de ned, you can then manipulate the settings that comprise the policy. Figure 24-4 shows a policy that needs to be de ned before it can be made useful. We have chosen to de ne a policy for the DNS server. After the policy is de ned, you can set its startup criteria. In this case, we have de ned the DNS server and set its startup parameter to Automatic. Other policies require you to simply enable or disable the policy, whereas others require de nition, enabling, and then further con guration or setup.
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Figure 4.A.3 Redrawing of the splitter in Figure 4.A.2.
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
Tag: the_time_modifie() Description: Displays the time the post was last modified. Returns: True or False Arguments: 1
Using admin accounts
(b) Figure 4.15 Typical field strength sensor. [Photograph of (a) Instruments for Industry, Inc. and (b) Amplifier Research.]
Me.Controls.AddRange(New System.Windows.Forms.Control() _ {Me.ListView1, Me.Splitter1, Me.TreeView1}) Me.Name = "Form1" Me.Text = "Form1"
Figure 34-6: Using the HTMLGeneric control with the paragraph tag to add personalized text to the page This is a great and simple example that shows how a user can input some information through a form and then have that information display on the page. The user enters his name within the NameField text field, and within the SubmitButton click subroutine you assign that value with a concatenated text string to PText.InnerHTML. The InnerHTML is a specification concerning the content that goes in between the opening and closing <p> tags. The choices are either InnerHTML or InnerText. The InnerHTML choice allows the browser to interpret the HTML that is assigned to it. For instance, in the example, type <b>William Evjen</b> and you notice that the text becomes bold due to the fact that it is assigned with the bold tags. Now change the PText.InnerHTML to PText.InnerText, and type <b>William Evjen</b> in the text field. This time, you notice that the browser doesn't interpret the bold tags, but instead displays the HTML tags as text. It is all a matter of what you want to display in your document when deciding on which choice to use. HTMLImage control The HTMLImage control allows access to program the HTML <img> tag. This is the tag used to display images within HTML documents.
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Table 50-1: Fill Factor and Pad Index
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