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1 In the Excel worksheet, type
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Figure 39-6: Article Properties dialog box The available options for what happens if the object already exists on the subscriber are as follows: Drop the existing object and create a new one (the default). Keep the existing object unchanged. Delete data. If article has a row filter, delete only data that matches the filter. Truncate all data in the existing object. In most cases, you will want to use the first option. If you have a central subscriber, you will probably want to use the third option. If you need to keep an archive, you will probably want the second option. If you need to replicate data to a fixed schema, use the last option to truncate all data in the existing object. You have the option to use a system-generated stored procedure with a system-generated name, or to use a system-generated stored procedure using a name of your own choosing (by entering the name you wish to use). You also have the option to choose how the transactions are replicated: using a stored procedure with the CALL format (CALL format replicates all columns whether they are changed or not, an option only available for INSERT and DELETE procedures), XCALL format, or MCALL format (MCALL format replicates only the columns that have been updated, an option only available for UPDATE procedures); using a DML statement (INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE) without column names, using a DML with column names; or choosing not to have the statements replicated. Some interesting options are available when replicating other object types. For instance, you have the option to replicate the execution of stored procedures or replicate the indexed view to tables on the subscriber.
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Replace the Submit Button code with the following:
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One aspect of web-site design you might not think of when planning your SEO strategy is the programming language used in developing the site. Programming languages all behave a little differently. For example, HTML uses one set of protocols to accomplish the visuals you see when you open a web page, whereas PHP uses a completely different set of protocols. And when most people think of web-site programming, they think in terms of HTML. But the truth is that many other languages also are used for coding web pages. And those languages may require differing SEO strategies.
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11.1 APPEARANCE OF NARROW- AND WIDE-BAND RETURN LOSS ON A SMITH CHART The methodology of impedance matching is basically the same between narrow- and wide-band cases. However, in the narrow-band case, only one frequency needs to be taken care of in the process of impedance matching because a narrow bandwidth can be represented approximately by the central frequency. In the wide-band case, instead of a single frequency, the entire wide bandwidth must be taken care of, which makes impedance matching somewhat dif cult. In this chapter, we will apply the same process of impedance matching as that in the narrow-band case, but our main effort will be dealing with the expansion scheme from narrow to wide bandwidth. (The methodology of impedance matching in a wide-band case introduced and discussed in this chapter was developed in 2005 by the author specially for an ultrawide band (UWB) system and has not been made public until now.) Figure 11.1 shows the difference of the return loss or impedance on the Smith chart between narrow- and wide-band cases. The dashed-line circle in each plot is the demarcation circle of return loss as mentioned in 10, where S11 or S22 = 10 dB. In the narrow-band cases as shown in Figure 11.1(a), the return loss or impedance is approximated by a central frequency, which is a single point on the Smith chart denoted by Zfc. The impedance matching state is clear if the critical circle of return loss, S11 or S22 = 10 dB, is taken as the unique criterion, that is,
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From [3GPP LTE] 2009. 3GPPTM TSs and TRs are the property of ARIS, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TTA and TTC who jointly own the copyright in them. They are subject to further modi cations and are therefore provided to you as is for information purposes only. Further use is strictly prohibited.
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1. Click the Profile tab on the left side of the IntenseDebate administrative screen, as shown in Figure 27.4.
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The outline reflects the changes you made.
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Disabling the update_nag() and maintenance_nag() functions
Smart Components are components that resize by automatically selecting configurations, depending on the size of the geometry onto which they are being dropped. For example, a clamp with many sizes driven by configurations would select the correct config when dropped onto different sizes of cylinders. This is a very useful tool. Smart Components are discussed in 19.
If the orange sun or red down arrow icon appears, Update Manager has determined that updates are available for your installation. Clicking the Update Manager Applet icon in the top panel starts the Update Manager window and displays the updates available to install. As with the manual method, click the Install Updates button to begin downloading and installing the selected updates.
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If you're using the ISAPI listener, Web Service message processing is automatic. When an incoming SOAP request is detected, the ISAPI listener is invoked to handle the message. The ISAPI listener loads the WSDL and WSML files, executes the request, and returns the results in a response message. In this scenario, you only need to provide the WSDL and WSML files. If you're using the ASP listener, you must create an ASP page that uses the SOAPServer COM component to process incoming Web request messages. Note Both the ISAPI and ASP listeners use the SOAPServer component. So regardless of listener choice, the SOAP messages are handled identically once the SOAPServer component receives the request.
CS2 Port 2 LP2 50 W
Set up a dial-up connection: The 1990s are calling: if you re stuck in dial-up hell
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