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5: File Management
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Whereas a data source describes where to look for tables of data, the data source view specifies which available tables to use and how they relate to each other. The data source view also associates metadata such as friendly names and calculations with those tables and columns.
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An important component is intradomain communication, or the communication between Windows Server 2008 domain users and legacy domain users. Depending on your environment, different levels of domain functionality are available. If all your domain servers are Windows Server 2008 servers, the functional level is set to Windows Server 2008, providing all the Active Directory domains and forest features to you. If you still maintain NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 domain servers, your features are limited. In Windows 2000 Server, both native and mixed modes existed. If the domain was set to mixed mode, it supported NT 4.0 backup domain controllers (BDCs), but not the use of universal security groups, group nesting, and security identi er capabilities. If the server was set to native mode, it supported all capabilities. Controllers running Windows 2000 Server are probably not aware of forest and domain capabilities. Now, with Windows Server 2008 (as was the case with Windows Server 2003), you have three domain functionalities. These functional levels are listed in Table 19-1.
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CrossReference For more information about aggregate functions and the group by keyword, see 11, Aggregating Data.
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The Sounds Tab
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Figure 7-4: Windows Firewall
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earch engines, search directories, and hybrids of the two are not the only search game on the Internet. Another search tool that many people like to use are meta search engines. Meta search engines are search engines that search other search engines. One of the better known meta search engines on the Web is DogPile (http://www.dogpile.com). If you conduct a search on DogPile, you ll receive results for that search from more than half a dozen different search engines. Nifty, right But how do you apply that to your SEO efforts One of the criteria that meta search engines use when searching other search engines is the meta data that s included in your site. Keywords and many other aspects that you ll optimize for are also criteria that meta search engines use. So, if you re optimizing for search engines, you should automatically be optimizing for meta search engines. Meta search engines also do not behave like regular search engines. These search engines do not include a database of possible results; rather, a meta search engine pulls the results together from other search engines effectively aggregating them and then returns only the top search results. The concept is that collecting the top results from many different search engines will help users to find the results they re looking for much faster. Don t discount the impact that meta search engines can have on your site traffic. Although meta search engines are not as popular as some search engines, many people use them, and they have the potential to drive significant amounts of traffic to your web site.
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Part III: Security and Active Directory
FIGURE 13.19
should be chosen such that
= 12.0 dB
Figure 31.4 MIMO system.
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Figure 8.20. Equivalent arrangements.
Primary Multiple Multiple
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