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Part 2: Starting Out with Ubuntu
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Sometimes, for illustrative purposes, it is desirable to hide certain edges in drawing views. The Hide Edge and Show Edge toolbar buttons are associated with the Line Format toolbar, although they may not be on the toolbar by default. You can use Tools Customize to put them on a toolbar. To use the Hide Edge tool, simply select the edges that you would like to hide, and click the Hide Edge toolbar button. To show the edges, click the Show Edge toolbar button; the cursor will now be able to select the hidden edges.
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CloseLogicalChannel (CLC) Command MasterSlaveDetermination (MSD) OpenLogicalChannel (OLC) RequestChannelClose (RCC) TerminalCapabilitySet (TCS)
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Part VI: Using Advanced Techniques
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IQ Modulator
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The form validation routines you call are general-purpose and can be used with any HTML form. Therefore, rather than add these routines inside this file, I place them in a separate .js source file called formvalidate.js to make them easier to reuse. Reference the file by adding the following code in your document head:
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SolidWorks Basics
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See if you agree with the copy statements in my ad as I tie in the then-current feelings of helplessness during the fuel shortage with John s product.
Failover Cluster Management
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Zune uses a thumbnail image to represent each video, and it doesn t offer a way to add DVD cover art, similar to music album art, to videos. But that doesn t mean you can t add DVD cover art to ripped DVDs and other video content: you could use another application, like Apple s iTunes, to add DVD cover art to a video file. When you do so, Zune recognizes it and uses it in the thumbnail display. As you can see in Figure 14-27, the effect is quite attractive
Creating tables
n Show preview. This turns the preview of the Loft feature on or off, if the feature is not going to fail. All of the following loft preview options are system options, and remain on until you turn them off. n Transparent/Opaque Preview is available from the right-mouse button menu when you edit a loft, if the SelectionManager is not active. n Mesh Preview is also available on the same right-mouse button menu. n Zebra Stripe Preview is also available on the same right-mouse button menu, and is covered in more depth in 11. n Merge result. Merges the resulting solid body with any other solid bodies that it may contact.
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