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em adjusts its size based on the relative font size. Here s the second rule to add:
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def invoice_total i = Invoice.find(self) subtotal = 0 taxes = 0 # add up the total of all line items i.invoiceitems.collect { |ii| subtotal += ii.unitcost * ii. units } # add up the taxes i.tax.collect { |t| taxes += subtotal * (t.rate / 100) } total = taxes + subtotal return total end
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Adding new categories is as simple as clicking the Add New Category link and naming a new category. New categories can have parent categories, as well, so it s possible to create hierarchies for category display.
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Redirection Attacks
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Introducing the Windows Sidebar
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Figure 9.9 First sub-impedance matching loop: new source = old source, new load = impedance matching network + old load.
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Working with Specialized Functionality
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Check In
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Figure 47-6: To control report execution, provide static values or use values from the database. In addition to dynamically setting the delivery settings for the report, the query fields can also set values for the report parameters. This powerful feature enables you to dynamically deliver the right report with the right content to the right user. Table 47-4 contains the delivery settings available for an e-mail subscription, and Table 47-5 contains the delivery settings available for a file share subscription.
The (relative) efficiency of these covariancekorrelation estimates is the square of that of the corresponding location estimates, so the efficiency loss at the normal model
Figure 11.15 Power efficiency of (mostly) ISSCC-published A/D converters. An improvement over the years of conversion efficiency is clearly observed.
Band Group 1
Applications that use the ontology may also be hampered by changes to the ontology. In the ideal case, the conceptual knowledge that is necessary for an application should be merely speci ed in the ontology; however, in practice applications also use an internal model. This internal model may become incompatible with the ontology.
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