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Fixed Channel Allocation (FCA) Dynamic Channel Allocation (DCA) 0 Better under heavy traffic loads Better under lighvmoderate traffic loads 0 Low call setup delay 0 Moderate to high call setup delay 0 Suited to large-cell environment 0 Suited to microcellular environment 0 Low flexibility in channel assignment Highly flexible channel assignment 0 Sensitive to time and spatial changes in Insensitive to time and spatial changes traffic load in traffic load 0 Low computational complexity 0 High computational complexity 0 Labor-intensive and complex frequency 0 No frequency planning required planning 0 Radio equipment only covers channels Radio equipmentmay have to cover all assigned to cell r)ossible channels available 0 Low load signaling High signaling load 0 Centralized control 11 0 Control on dependent the specific scheme from centralized to fully distributed 0 Medium to high implementational com0 Low implementational complexity plexity 0 Increasing system capacity expensive is 0 Simple and quick increase system cato and time-consuming pacity
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Creating Drawings
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31.1 802.11 SPECIFICATIONS IEEE has developed a series of speci cations covering electronic data transmission. Perhaps the most widely used is 802.3, which covers Ethernet. IEEE, with the help of industry, has also developed the 802.11 series, which covers wireless data communication. A summary of the current 802.11 speci cations is provided in Figure 31.1. In the 1940s the FCC established the ISM frequency bands. These bands were originally for industrial and consumer microwave ovens, nuclear accelerators, and oncology equipment. In all of these original applications, the RF/microwave power was contained inside an enclosure, with strict regulations on allowable leakage power. In 1960 the FCC allowed the same frequencies to be used without a license for wireless communications. (Many other licensing agencies worldwide also made these frequencies available for unlicensed wireless communications.)
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46 Authoring Reports with Reporting Services
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ammonia. The OH bond indicates the presence of Zn(OH)2 in the CBD ZnS(O,OH). The CBD ZnS(O,OH) annealed at 200 C in air for 24 h began to pick up additional carbonate (CO2 ) impurities. 3 Marcotrigiano et al.39 suggested that the desulfuration of thiourea in sodium hydroxide results in the formation of cyanamide, amidinourea, and guanidine at a pH below 12; they also suggested that the formed urea converts to ammonium cyanate and nally to ammonium carbonate (by hydrolysis). The proposed chemical reactions are as follows:
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EXEC sp_configure show advanced options EXEC sp_configure scan for startup procs
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The +, or addition operator, sums or concatenates two expressions. Concatenation is discussed a little later in this chapter, as well as what you have to look out for when using the + operator. The usage for addition operator is as follows: Result = Expression + Expression The following example shows the simplest form of the addition operator possible, adding two values together: Dim intX As Integer intX = intX + 5 Console.Writeline(intX.ToString) The variable intX, declared as integer value, has the initial value of zero. To add 5 to the value intX, you simply use the addition operator (+) and the assignment operator (=) to derive the new value. The following code accomplishes the same thing: Dim intX As Integer Dim intY As Integer intY = intX + 5 Console.Writeline(intY.ToString) The only difference is that you create a new variable called intY to hold the value of intX plus the number 5. Creating variables just for the heck of it is not efficient, so if the value of intX has the sole purpose of being an integer with 5 added to it, then use the first example as a guide. New to Visual Basic .NET are special assignment operators that perform an action on a variable, such as addition. The preceding addition code can also be represented as Dim intX As Integer intX += 5 Console.Writeline(intX.ToString) Assignment operators are covered in more detail in the next section. Even though they look like mathematical operators, they are actually not; because you are using the equals sign (=), it indicates an assignment. In the previous code, you declared variables of the type Integer, which the compiler understood, and added the values together. Consider this example:
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Using Equations
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The optimization options help you tune your code for better performance. To display this options view, select the Optimizations node under the Configuration Properties folder. Remove Integer Overflow prevents math operations from raising errors such as Overflow and Divide by Zero. Removing these checks makes the operations run faster, but also incurs a risk of the calculations being incorrect. The broad term Enable Optimizations allows the compiler to rearrange instructions and create results that are different from a standard compile in order to make the code smaller and more efficient. You should always debug with this option turned off, because the rearrangement of code can confuse the debugger. Enable Incremental Build allows the compiler to leave pieces of the previous build alone and attempt to build only what's changed since the last build. This can speed up the build processes for large amounts of code. If the changes are too overwhelming for VS to safely determine what changed, a full compile occurs. The DLL Base Address option applies to library projects. This allows you to specify the virtual address of where the DLL will be initially loaded for a process at runtime. When a process loads a DLL, if the DLL's base address is already being occupied by something else, the DLL is moved to the next available space in memory. This causes what's called a ReBase, where address offsets for the DLL will have to be recalculated. Therefore, selecting an address that will likely keep the base address from conflicting with other DLLs makes the load process faster.
Looking at the schedule, it s easy to see the pattern in the average number of seconds that visitors spend on your site. During the hours of 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. visitors spend slightly more time than they do during the lunch hours. However, the most time that users spend on the site (by seconds) is between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. It s these hours in which you should invest the most. Additionally, if you re looking at the schedule, you see the company is closed all day on Sunday and before 9 a.m. during the week, and is short-staffed all day on Saturday. These are times when you ll want to keep your ad exposure low or non-existent.
Working with Assemblies
Node D Hop 4 (c) Node B Hop 2 Hop 1 Hop 3
Expression Components Numeric constants String literals Dates Mathematical operators (in order of precedence) String operator (concatenation) Bitwise operators Columns Case Expressions Examples 1, 2, 3 LastName , Employee: , Life s Great! 1/6/80 , Jan 6, 1980 , 19800106 *, /, % (remainder), + and &, or |, exclusive or ^, not ~ LastName, PrimaryKeyID CASE Column1 WHEN 1 THEN on ELSE off END AS Status (Select 3) @MyVariable rror GetDate(), SysUser() dbo.MyUDF() +, -
Following creation of an archive, it is good practice to use the flar -i command to ensure that the contents of the archive appear to be correct. The archive created in the preceding example would provide information that looks roughly like this:
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