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Windows Media Player 11 offers a solid option for DVD playback for Windows Vista Ultimate, especially if you are a laptop user or have great multimedia hardware.
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The results of comparing the ontology with the CARM glossary are given in Table 12.3. From the 290 glossary terms, 259 occur in the CARM document itself. This is somewhat odd but shows the de cits of a manual ontology (or glossary) building. There are 253 ontology concepts which contain at least one glossary term (more exactly, the names of those ontology concepts include a glossary term as a sub-string), while 85 glossary terms occur identically in the
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Differences are frequently found between the names of features on toolbars and the names in the menus or PropertyManager titles. In these cases, the differences are usually minor, and either name may be used. Most functions in SolidWorks can work with either the object-action or the action-object scenarios. These are also called pre-select and select, respectively. For example, the Hole Wizard is one tool for which pre-selection is definitely recommended because a difference in functionality is seen between pre-selection and selection. The Fillet feature shows no difference between using pre-selection and selection, although for some fillet options such as face fillet, pre-select is not enabled. Most features allow pre-selection, and some functions, such as inserting a design table, require pre-selection. Although you cannot identify a single rule that covers all situations, most functions accept both. Frequently in this book, I have suggested enhancement requests that the reader may want to make. This is because SolidWorks development is driven to a large extent by customer requests, and if a large number of users converge on a few issues, then those issues are more likely to be fixed or changed. Again, the enhancement request suggestions are not made to criticize the software, but to make it better. I hope that several of you will join me in submitting enhancement requests. SolidWorks is an extremely powerful modeling tool, very likely with the best combination of power and accessibility on the MCAD market today. This book is meant to help you take advantage of its power in your work and even hobbyist applications. If I could impart only a single thought to all readers of this book, it would be that with a little curiosity and some imagination, you can begin to access the power of SolidWorks for geometry creation and virtual product prototyping. You should start with the assumption that there is a way to do what you are imagining, and that you should be open to using different techniques. For AutoCAD users making the transition to SolidWorks, you should simply forget everything you know about AutoCAD, because most of it, except for the most general geometric concepts, will not apply to SolidWorks, and will often simply confuse you. Whoever you are, I hope that you find insight deeper than simply what does this button do in this book. I hope that you will find an intuition for thinking like the software. Jeff Ray, CEO of the SolidWorks Corporation has said that the goal is to make the software as intuitive as a light switch. While most people will agree that they have some work left to achieve that particular goal, I believe that approaching the interface intuitively, rather than attempting to remember it all by rote, is the best method. Good luck to you all.
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Every tuple in an entity has to represent a single unique object in reality. In the same way that there can t be two of the same airplane, there can t be two tuples that represent the same airplane. To logically prove that each tuple is unique, one attribute (the primary key) is assigned to be the primary way a specific tuple is referenced for data-modification commands. The logical purpose of the primary key is only to uniquely identify or name the tuple. If you can demonstrate that each object in reality has a single primary key, and vice versa, then you ve done your job well.
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Many are not aware that Sun Microsystems is actively competing in the directory services market as well. Sun s latest version (3.1) is compared in Tables 17.3 and 17.4.
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The elements of Group Policy
Peter L. Bernstein, Against the Gods: the Remarkable Story of Risk
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