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SolidWorks Basics
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5. Select the Advanced Settings tab from the Display Settings menu.
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The center frequency ( fc) of a forward channel can be determined from its channel number (N): For N from 1 through 799: fc (0:03 N 870) MHz fc (0:03 N 839:31) MHz
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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ShowToday (Public Instance Property)
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Part 8
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Original faces with curvature continuous blend between the faces
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If you opted to customize settings first, the setup wizard moves into a three-step phase whereby you can configure media locations, media (file) types, and privacy options. The first section refers to the media collection that you organize and enjoy in the Zune PC software, and which folders the Zune software will monitor. As shown in Figure 14-6, you can configure monitored folders, just like in Windows Media Player, as well as related options, such as whether Zune should automatically update missing album artwork. And it is here that you should really pay attention. If you re a digital media newbie and don t have a large media collection yet, leave the default setting, whereby Zune will automatically update album art and metadata. Otherwise, uncheck that option: although Zune is pretty good at finding mainstream album art, we ve been unhappy with how it has mauled our collections over time, and we now uncheck this option when installing the Zune software.
Remote Data Access
You want to create a modified version of the stylesheet customized for print output, so you should save an original version of the stylesheet to be safe.
Prime Strategy (Japan)
Passing Data to Stored Procedures
7. What are the potential problems you need to be aware of when upgrading to
Base Policies
Thumbnails with caption: This view style provides a way to view and add cap-
n Section View. Sections the display of the model. Figure 5.5 shows the Section View command at work. You can use up to three section planes at once. Solid and surface models as well as assemblies can be sectioned. You can use the spin boxes, enter numbers manually, or drag the arrows that are attached to the section planes to move the section through the model. Section planes can also be rotated by dragging the border of the plane.
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