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Understanding the concept of shares, permissions, and ownership Developing strategies for effective folder, le, and data security Con guring a le server role Using the Encrypting File System
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4: Security, Privacy, and Parental Controls in Windows Vista
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The burn interface is slightly more crowded than the rip interface, but that s simply because you have considerably more options here. To access the burn interface, simply click the Burn tab. The screen is divided up into several sections: n Library categories n A graphical representation of albums in your library category n A search feature n Your burn list n A graphical representation of your burn media with progress bar Figure 17.12 illustrates this interface layout.
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of restoring your PC with a system image.
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Understanding Presentation Structure ......... 58 Explore Text Formatting Options ................... 59 Add a Slide .......................................................... 60 Delete a Slide in Normal View ....................... 61 Navigate Slides ................................................... 62 Type and Edit Text on a Slide ......................... 64 Format Text Color and Style............................ 66 Format Text Font and Size............................... 68 Cut, Copy, and Paste Text ................................ 70 Format Bulleted Lists ........................................ 72 Using the Spelling Feature .............................. 74 Using the Research Feature ............................ 76
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This book covers a variety of solution-processed metal oxide materials for a wide range of applications, including superconductors, transparent TFTs, batteries, tunable dielectrics, fuel cells, and transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) (e.g., see s 2, 4, and 7 9). Oxides are emerging as some of the key materials for a very broad range of applications, including, for example, electronic, optical, mechanical, tribological, and catalytic systems. Historically, these electronic materials have been deposited by either PVD approaches or classic ceramic processing. Solution-based precursors combined with appropriate processing are opening the door for high-quality materials deposition in a non vacuum approach.6 In many cases, rapid thermal or laser processing allows for the potential of minimizing the thermal load on novel and exible substrates. This is especially true for laser processing where the process temperature can be high but the thermal load to the substrate can be small.7,8 Traditionally oxide materials are predominately crystalline. However, there has been much recent interest in amorphous oxide systems that can be processed at temperatures near room temperature. This approach has been highlighted by the recent emergence of amorphous TCOs such as InZnO9 and InZnGaO10 and their application in transparent TFTs.11,12 Since their mobilities are about 10 times that of amorphous or microcrystalline silicon and their transparency is around 90% in the visible spectral range, this enables transparent electronics, exible electronics, and related applications. The amorphousbased systems may be ideal candidates for solution processing, possibly requiring low thermal energy, since reordering to achieve crystallinity is often endothermic. The ability to use solution or nanoparticle precursors to reduce processing temperature low enough to work on exible substrates is potentially a unique advantage of solution-based processing, although precursors need to be speci cally tailored for every application. Another unique advantage of solution-based processing is that processing can also lead to unique 3D-structures that would be much more dif cult to attain by other nonsolution means. Nanostructured oxide materials have already shown uses in organic photovoltaics (see Fig. 14.3 and 9), where nanostructured zinc oxide
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Figure 7.2-1. Point code formats: (a) ANSI No. 7 and (b) CCITT No. 7. (From Rec. Q.708. Courtesy of ITU-T.)
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Fig. 12.38 X. If A were changed for a point beyond X, then the proof would no longer work. In fact, if the original triangle has a vertex with an angle equal to or greater than 120 , then the minimum point is at that vertex (Fig. 12.38). This proof is simple and has the desirable property of depending only on the most basic inequality about distances, that one side of a triangle is shorter than the sum of the other two. It follows at once that the same conclusion can be drawn about the analogous problem on a sphere (such as the surface of the earth), because the same inequality is true on a sphere when 'straight lines' are defined to be arcs of great circles. How can we construct the Fermat point of a given triangle A simple construction is to draw equilateral triangles on the outside of each edge, and then draw their circumcircles, as in Fig. 12.39. These meet in a point, which is the Fermat point of the triangle. Joining it to the vertices, we can see why the three lines meet at 120 : the angle at which any two meet is the angle of a cyclic quadrilateral whose Fig. 12.39
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Figure 13-31: MSN Soapbox isn t particularly well known, but it s a decent place to share
Part VI: Using Advanced Techniques
Directory Structure
After spending almost an entire chapter saying what you should not do, it is finally time to say what you should do. Toolbox can be downright dangerous if you install and use it improperly; however, the following recommendations work in most situations.
If you are one of the few people on earth who used a Zune HD, you know how awesome this device and its software are: The Windows Phone s Zune software is pretty much just a small update over what was included with the Zune HD. But there are two differences you should be aware of. 3 First, the Zune HD didn t have a dedicated Back button, as does every Windows Phone, so you had to tap the uppermost area of the screen (called the title area in Windows Phone) to navigate back; now, of course, you use the device s physical Back button instead. (And if you do find yourself tapping up in the title area, as I still do from time to time, sorry, it doesn t do a thing.) 3 Second, some of the items in the various Zune interfaces have been reordered for some reason. So if you re used to, say, the Music interface offering Playlists, Songs, Genres, Albums, and Artists, in that order, you may be surprised to discover that Windows Phone uses Artists, Albums, Playlists, Genres, and Songs instead. Why Only the great mobile gods in the sky can say.
DC Bias
FIGURE 25-5 The Performance Monitor Properties dialog box.
Writing and Formatting Presentation Text
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