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Although cryptography, secret writing, can be traced back more than 5000 years, to the Egyptians, who used hieroglyphics to conceal messages, the first known example of a cryptographic device was one used by the Spartans in about 400 BC. Military cryptographers there wrapped a strip of papyrus around a wooden rod. The message was encoded by being written lengthwise down (or up) the rod on the wrapped material. Then, the material was unwrapped for transport to the recipient. In its unwrapped form, the writing appeared to be random characters. When the material was rewound on a rod of the same diameter and length the message could be deciphered. Around 50 BC, Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar of Rome used a substitution cipher to transmit messages to Marcus Tullius Cicero. In this cipher, letters of the alphabet were substituted for other letters of the same alphabet. Since only
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Formalize the nature of knowledge representation logically, or develop a formalism based on logic for the representation and expression of knowledge. Provide for sound, tractable reasoning methods founded on a firm theoretical and logical basis.
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Take special precautions to avoid the compromise of sensitive information caused by the WAP gap. WAP-enabled PEDs should not use commercial wireless network service provider gateways to access company Web servers unless end-to-end data encryption is provided. If possible, consider establishing a company WAP gateways in the installation networks, so that wireless access may be controlled by firewalls, and connections may be monitored by IDS. A company WAP gateway reduces the risk of data compromise, because the WTLS-to-SSL conversion required to access company Web servers would occur on a company-controlled and protected network. On Web-enabled mobile phones, use WAP version 1.2 support for PKI digital certificates. WAP version 1.2 (released December 2000) addresses the WAP-gap security vulnerability by supporting the use of Wireless/ WAP Identification Module (WIM) smart cards that use PKI certificates to ensure continuous encryption throughout the connection. (Note: Unfortunately, it may be awhile before compatible mobile phones are available in the United States that support WAP version 1.2 and WIM smart cards for storage of subscriber identification information and digital certificates.)
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If we have two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom in an otherwise empty universe, the lowest energy state occurs when the hydrogen atoms bond to the oxygen
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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
eBags has been able to reduce its shopping cart abandonment rate by 20% by tweaking each one of the five pages in the purchasing process. Cobb says, "Keep it simple. Show people exactly what they're buying, what they're saving, and where they are in the process." The zip code entry box, which helps people find out when their purchases will arrive, has also helped by "absolutely" cutting down on in-bound customer service calls. Although testing pop-up boxes for the sweepstakes opt-in offer was initially controversial amongst eBags staffers, the test proved so successful that the company has implemented pop-ups on an ongoing basis. When the pop-up sweeps offers appear as a co-branded offer on third-party sites, an average of 8% of visitors sign up, 75% of whom specifically choose to be added to eBags' list or on both the host site's list and eBags' list. These sweeps entrants immediately receive a "thank you" email from eBags. The offer that works the best is a 20% off coupon. Seven percent of "thank you" email recipients click through to the store, and of these a total of 5% convert to buyers. So the conversion rate for these email campaigns is about double the site's average conversion rate! eBags' other regular email campaigns to opt-ins and customers generate an average 8% click-through rate. These campaigns are responsible for 90% of all repeat purchases!
Even as e-commerce becomes popular, m-commerce is taking its place: handling business on the move is the new mantra. Anybody with anything to sell or any business proposal wants to make it available via mobile devices. Because J2ME is meant for these devices, we believe it very relevant to present an example of a J2ME application that enables you to do business on, say, a mobile phone. We ve already built a CLDC application in 6, so we now turn to MIDP. This is certainly appropriate, considering mobile phones remain the most common small devices and are growing at the fastest rate. We call this application OrderManager. It enables the user to place an order by using a cell phone. A customer may place an order merely after viewing a list of available items, which is what he can do on a cell phone. But still the application is useful if it makes the user aware of the products a supplier offers and, as a result, the user decides to order while on the move. This application presents the opportunity to place such an order. If the ordering option isn t available in such a scenario, the customer s impulse may subside or he may opt for another supplier.
Listing 10.15 The type library using a namespace. (SimpleTypeLib02.xsd).
Figure 9-19
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