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The summary section is kind of a mini-version of your selfmarketing sound bite (self-marketing sound bites are discussed in detail in 3). In fact, some job seekers write their r sum summary first and then develop their oral self-marketing sound bite from it. Or, if you ve already composed your sound bite, you can modify it to form your r sum summary. Whichever way you do it, the r sum summary needs to tell the reader, very briefly, what you ve done, what you know, and what your assets are. Specifically it includes any or all of the following (pick whichever elements are relevant to your job search and will present you in the best light): 1. Your number of years of experience. (Leave out if worried about age discrimination or if you have very limited experience.) 2. Your basic functional role (for example, sales, marketing, IT, human resources, general management, and so on). 3. Your level, such as entry-level, mid-level, or senior. 4. Your industry experience. (Leave this out if you re trying to appear versatile to cross over into a new industry.) 5. Your assets (skills, knowledge, and personal qualities). This information can be presented in one brief paragraph or in a combination of a brief paragraph followed by bullet points. The samples that follow show how these five elements can look and sound in various combinations.
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is valid because it corresponds exactly to the fixed value defined for the <Membership> element. The second <Membership> element,
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Table 6.5 A comparison of Condor, SGE, PBS and LSF
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3Com Palm VII Handspring Visor Handspring Visor Deluxe
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Rhymes with buster and duck Linda asks with a wry smile. Just about, Dale says. We need Liaisons between Accounting, IT, and Business. Not informal, but real, corporate mandated, and as non-bureaucratic as possible. Another difficult feat, but I think it can be done. The Liasons get together and review major business initiatives. They determine if they are material to compliance. If the initiatives are material to compliance, like our Flex-acturing process would be, then they recommend a fast track IT implementation that skips to the head of the line for project and budget status. And, the accounting people go over the requirements of the IT project and basically pre-approve it for Sarbanes Oxley and other compliance issues. That way, we don t have to wait six months until the whole thing is up and running to find out that we ve got deficiencies in the setup and have to do it over again. I really like this, Linda says. But, we re still missing two big pieces of the process. For one thing, we currently don t have any technological solution in place that enables us all to share information rapidly enough to implement the process shown in the diagram. What about e-mail Jim asks. Of course, we can e-mail each other, Linda says. But if we are just throwing spreadsheets at each other on e-mail, there s no guarantee we ll get anything done. I think this kind of coordination and liaison activity needs to have a dedicated communication platform where we can work together online. And, these different groups need to be speaking the same language if they are going to have a chance of acting in a unified process. This is true, Sebastian adds, At the very least, we seem to lack a common way of describing what we all need to do. Even if we all agreed to work together and break the silos down a huge assumption we would still find ourselves speaking in tongues. Perhaps we should hold a meeting and focus everyone on this issue, Linda suggests. Yeah, but is that a real solution Jim asks. We aren t going to solve the organizational issues of agile compliance by forcing everyone to stare at a PowerPoint screen for an hour. Is there such a thing as a common language for IT, accounting, and business There s BPEL, Sebastian says. Business Process Execution Language it s a way that a business analyst can describe a business process in a way that is easy for a software developer to understand. And, an accountant can look at it too and map it back to controls. Sounds like a heck of an idea, Jim says. Let s buy six of them.
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The Wronskian and derivative relationships of the spherical modi ed Bessel function are il ( x ) kl ( x ) il ( x ) kl ( x ) = 1 d sinh x il ( x ) = x l x dx x
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and their stock would appeal to investors. But these arguments were only accepted by bankers, sympathetic regulators, and Fed watchers. The issue was unknown outside of a very small circle. And since the House majority was Democratic, there was little chance that the Proxmire bill would ever pass in its original form. The issue was popular in the Senate but had little chance in the House without the support of Dingell. Reformers were heartened when the SIA suit was heard in a federal appeals court in February 1988. The court ruled that the Fed was legally correct in its decision to allow the banks to underwrite revenue bonds and commercial paper. Technically, the body engaging in the underwriting had to be a subsidiary of the holding company. When it originally made the ruling, the Fed would only allow the subsidiaries to earn 5 percent of their revenues from underwriting. They could not be engaged principally in the underwriting of what the original Glass-Steagall Act considered ineligible securities, namely corporate securities and revenue bonds. Shortly afterward, the SEC also stated that it would support revision of the act since it believed that it would not harm investors. The two events encouraged reformers, and legislation finally materialized. The Proxmire bill came to a vote in the Senate a few weeks later. The upper chamber passed it by an overwhelming 92 4 vote. But even after the strong statements made by many senators about modernizing the financial system, the House remained less enthusiastic. Dingell and St. Germain pointed to the problems in the banking sector as well as the stock market collapse and wondered why anyone would push for reform until the air cleared. The question was valid. The public was generally unaware of the banking problem, having familiarity only with the stock market collapse. Major reform was being advocated by a small number of legislators and their banker allies in an attempt to roll back a fundamental part of the original New Deal safety net. The term safety net was not used in the arguments for fear of making it a wider public issue. The courts had ruled that the
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