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Later Hilbert would be invited to a dinner that included the infamous Nazi education minister Bernhard Rust. When Rust asked Hilbert if the banishment of G ttingen s Jews diminished in any way the mathematics program at G ttingen, he bitterly replied, There is no mathematics left at G ttingen. 7 Nevertheless, someone needed to rule over the ruins. With Courant on the way to New York, where he would successfully reestablish his career abroad, G ttingen s math department needed a new director. Briefly, Weyl had taken on the role. After he decided to leave for the United States as well, mathematician Helmut Hasse reluctantly assumed the directorship. Under Rust, the Nazis enacted a program to Germanize science and mathematics, removing so-called Jewish influences. In physics, anything having to do with Einstein s theories or even quantum mechanics officially became taboo. Paul Ziegenbein, a mathematician from Kiel who studied under Kaluza, was designated to assist Hasse and help administer the Germanization. 8 As a loyal member of the party, the Nazis entrusted Ziegenbein to keep watch over Hasse. Though Hasse had assumed Courant s administrative responsibilities, he still needed someone to fill Courant s research and teaching roles. Therefore in 1935 the department conducted a search for suitable candidates. Ziegenbein and Hasse s familiarity with Kaluza s work placed his name high on the list. Ultimately, after inquiring about a few other candidates, they offered him the appointment. As biographer Daniela W nsch points out, the choice of Kaluza was surprising in many ways. First, his field was very different than Courant s. While Courant was an applied mathematician, Kaluza made his name in five-dimensional theory and other generalizations of relativity. Kaluza absolutely insisted, before agreeing to the position, that he was not a second Courant. 9 Second, Kaluza was never a member of the Nazi party, nor any other National Socialist organization, and had absolutely no interest in joining. He grew up in a liberal tradition, and found racial hatred appalling. He had known Courant and other fired scientists, and was incensed by their dismissal. Nevertheless, Kaluza s principled stance somehow did not preclude his appointment.
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AppActivate is provided by the WScript.Shell object and expects the
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Figure 3.15 The data ow for semantically matching a SGP in PortalLab
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The Synthetic Organic Chemist s Companion, by Michael C. Pirrung Copyright 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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21. In order to meet the requirements of audit, evidence sampling must be A. Of a 95 percent or higher confidence level, based on repeated pulls of similar sample sizes B. Sufficient, reliable, relevant, and useful, and supported by the appropriate analysis C. Within two standard deviations of the mean for the entire population of the data D. A random selection of the population in which every item has an equal chance of being selected Answer: B The correct answer is B. Sampling satisfies the evidence requirements that the data is sufficient, reliable, relevant, useful, and supported by the appropriate analysis. A random population section (D) is the definition of a random sample. Answers A and C do not make sense. 22. Audit evidence can take many forms. When determining the types required for an audit, the auditor must consider A. CAATs, flowcharts, and narratives B. Interviews, observations, and reperformance testing C. The best evidence available that is consistent with the importance of the audit objectives D. Inspection, confirmation, and substantive testing Answer: C The correct answer is C. The rest of the answers list types of audit evidence that could be considered, but the auditor must consider the best evidence available and determine what method for gathering and reviewing it as a second step in the audit planning process. 23. The primary thing to consider when planning for the use of CAATs in an audit program is A. Whether the sampling error will be at an unacceptable level B. Whether you can trust the programmer who developed the tools of the CAATs
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Bryce Seligman DeWitt arrived at Harvard pretty wet behind the ears. Fresh out of the Navy, he landed in one of Schwinger s first classes on the subject of electromagnetism. It was a demanding course, to say the least. Like Kaluza, Schwinger lectured to his class with absolutely no notes, each session picking up exactly where he had left off the day before. During the final exam the class sat in stunned silence as they grappled with the monstrous questions only Schwinger could devise.8 With considerable mathematical talents, DeWitt managed to impress his teacher. He hoped to work with Schwinger, the only problem being finding common interests. Unlike most of his contemporaries, DeWitt relished the topic of general relativity. General relativity just wasn t done at Harvard or anywhere else in the United
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What Is the Guest Account Used For . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93 Enabling the Guest Account . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94
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Mobility Management States of UE and SGSN. The dashed state change is only valid for the
This function call would look something like the following when using the C calling convention:
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