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RFD. See Reduced-function devices (RFD) Ricean nding, 215 Rice factor, 197 R4MDC. See Radix-4 multipath delay commutator (R4MDC) structure R4MPC FFT implementation structure 64-point, 293f RMS. See Root mean square (RMS) RMSE. See Root mean square error (RMSE) RN. See Reported node set (RN) Root mean square (RMS) delay spread, 197, 198 average values, 199f TOA estimation errors, 467f Root mean square error (RMSE), 26, 187 averaged SI and DI, 475t smoothing, 476f DM, 472f TOA estimation, 465 values, 466 Route delete (RD) ARB, 372 Route deletion phase ARB, 372 Route discovery ABR, 370f ARA, 368f TORA, 391f Route element (RE) DYMO, 377 Route error (RERR) AODV, 373 BSR, 375 CHAMP, 376 DYMO, 377 LBR, 383 MPABR, 383 NDMR, 385 TZRP, 410 Route maintenance ABR, 371f Route recon guration (RREC) LBR, 383 Route reply packet (RREP), 374 AODV, 372 CHAMP, 376 LBR, 382 NDMR, 385 RDMAR, 388 TZRP, 409 Route request (RREQ) AODV, 372 BSR, 374, 374f
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where Si is the average signal strength received at link i. With the selection criterion, there is a chance that routing loops may form in the following two cases: (1) if a node selects one of its children as the parent for the backup link, a routing loop is formed when the backup link is turned on; and (2) if node x and node z happen to be the parents of backup link for each other, a routing loop is formed when both backup links are used. Let the default path from node x be i = {{x, y}, {y, }, . . . { , D}}. Further de ne another path, j = {{y, }, . . . { , D}}, such that i = j + {x, y}. Then CETX on the default path i from node x (i.e., CETXx,d ) can be written as CETXx,d = CETXx,i = ETXa + CETX y, j . Note that link a is {x, y}, which connects nodes x and z. Let CETXx,d and CETXx,b be the CETX values for node x s default and backup paths, respectively. Then a routing loop can be avoided if CETXx,b < CETXx,d + 1.0 [47]. Therefore, to avoid a routing loop, we have re ned and replaced (6.31) with the following criteria for backup parent selection:
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Several copies of your r sum on nice paper Your job seeker business cards Reference list Pen and paper A small personal emergency kit (safety pins, comb or brush, small mirror, breathmints, dental floss, individual packets of stain removal towelettes, extra pair of stockings for women, extra tie for men in case of stains, and anything else you think you might need)
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Figure 9.17 The same patient as in Fig. 9.16, but now pacing at a shorter interval (300 ms). In this case 2 : 1 retrograde block in the accessory pathway is observed. There is no evidence for conduction via the His bundle: no His signals are recorded, and there is no evidence of early atrial activation in the catheter located at the interatrial septum, the His catheter.
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Beginning his career as Einstein s assistant, Peter Bergmann became one of the founders of quantum gravity and one of the leading lights of general relativity.
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they won t find the right person quickly enough. They re human beings who lie awake at night worrying that they re costing their employers thousands of dollars in lost productivity by not having an open position filled or worrying that the decision they made that day to hire a certain candidate could be a big mistake. And, you thought you were the only one lying awake at night worried about making a match! They re not Oz, and you re not a girl with ruby slippers. You are both human beings who share a balance of power in the job search-candidate search process.
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