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False friends are words which look or sound similar in two different languages but have entirely different meanings. For example, byte in Swedish means prey or victim; in English it s a group of binary digits Find out as much as you can about false friends and note them down whenever you come across them so you can help your students avoid pitfalls. Or how about words which function differently when you translate them For example compare English and French: langue in French means language or
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Trade only on the Pivotal Points. I always made money when I was patient and traded on the Pivotal Points. Jesse Livermore
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The Lang Kobayashi equations in their basic form describe single-longitudinal mode operation. However, it is observed that most edge-emitting diode lasers tend to run in multiple optical modes in the presence of feedback from a flat mirror, even if it would normally operate in a single mode in the absence of feedback at the same pump current level. The addition of a multiple longitudinal mode operation increases the complexity of the system, and creates many questions regarding the mode dynamics and interactions, and their relationship to dynamical states and instabilities. Multimode experimental investigations have generally followed two main approaches: to measure statistical properties of the system, or to examine the mode interactions based on time-resolved data. Statistical measurements have been made on a variety of properties displayed by multimode LFF systems, from the statistics of the fast pulsing intensities, to the times ( interspike intervals ) between power dropout events. Interspike intervals are quite accessible experimentally and can be measured using an oscilloscope with a bandwidth of only a few hundred MHz. In [86] statistical measurements were made as a function of pumping current in a multimode system using a SDL-5401 laser in an external cavity of length L = 71 cm. Mean dropout times were measured and shown to decrease smoothly and rapidly with increasing pumping. The statistical distribution of dropout times was also measured, and showed several general features: for very short dropout intervals, the probability was near zero, then rose quickly to a most probable interval, then fell off exponentially (examples of such distributions are shown in Section 4.11 on Feedback and Modulation, and also in Section 4.6, Moderate Feedback Effects Low Frequency Fluctuations). Furthermore, the probability distributions acquired additional structure at stronger pumping. While the mean times agreed reasonably with predictions based on the Henry and Kazarinov model [63], the zero probability at short times was better interpreted in terms of bistability as discussed by Mork [61].
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Quality of Service
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In a conversation you do more than give an opinion then keep quiet. Sometimes you interrupt to add something important, explain in other words to make the point clearer, bring things to a close and so on. These are skills that effective English speakers possess and which you need to teach your students. Let them know how to do these things in accordance with Englishspeaking culture and in a polite way.
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Installation stage
If you know where the best visitors go, you can encourage others to follow suit. Just don't think that getting them to look at a lot of pages or to hang around for a long time are good things in and of themselves.
Table 1.1 Examples of Language Generations LEVEL 1 GL 2 GL 3 GL 4 GL 5 GL DESCRIPTION The computer s binary machine language Assembly language BASIC, FORTRAN, C++ FOCUS, NATURAL Artificial intelligence (AI) languages like LISP or Prolog
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