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Symphony [49] is a Java-based composition and manipulation framework for the Grid. The framework has two principal elements: a composition and control environment in which a meta-program is constructed and a backend execution environment in which the described computation is performed. Symphony provides a GUI in which components are instantiated and customized to describe speci c programs and les. These individual components can then be connected by links indicating data- ow relationships. Individual components and complete meta-programs can be saved, restored for later use and shared with other users. During execution, the components initiate and monitor the operations performed in the backend execution environment. The operations are performed in terms of the de ned data- ow relationships. The backend execution environment uses Globus or proprietary mechanisms to access remote resources.
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From Equation 5.36, it can be deduced that
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Real-world EJB
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Photos are some of the most important, irreplaceable files that we all keep on our PCs. There are many different solutions to managing and organizing files. I m going to cover the method my family uses to keep photos organized. I like this method because it does not rely on any additional software. It utilizes Windows s basic folder capability and still keeps files accessible and organized in a usable manner. Many people have gotten used to using the software that came with their cameras or printers to categorize and organize their photos. I prefer to use a more generic method, because it allows me to upload and access files from any computer and I know it will always be supported. The following methods work very well for my family, but they should be viewed only as an example of a system that is simple and usable. Your preferences may be different, but this example should help you to develop your own organizational plan. Chronological Organization The backbone of my family s photo organization is the idea of storing photos in chronological folders. We use a two-tier setup, and we name the folders in such a way that Windows default view of the folders will keep the files in chronological order. The first tier is simply a group of folders for each year that you have digital photos from. The folders should simply be named 2005, 2006, 2007, and so on. This first tier helps to keep things less cluttered, and it allows you to drill down to a specific year when you are looking for a photo. The first tier of the folder hierarchy is shown in Figure 2-5. The next tier is a set of folders that are named for the date when we download the pictures from the camera. We choose to use this scheme because it simplifies the process of managing our photos. If we tried to go strictly by month, we either have to do extra work (sorting the files manually), or we have to accept that files taken in late May might get lumped in with some other photos downloaded in June. Also, we download photos several times a month, so keeping all of a month s pictures in one folder gets cumbersome. We name the folders according to the full date, including year, and we name them in such a way that alphabetical sorting will also keep them in chronological order. This is important because the dates assigned to a folder might change if you copy the folders from one machine to another, whereas the filename will stay constant. So, for a set of photos that were downloaded on May 1, 2007, we would create a folder named 2007-05-01. The inclusion of the year in the folder name is somewhat redundant, because this folder is contained in a parent folder called
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DEXCO S INTERNAL CONTROLS Controls call for monthly reconciliation of general ledger accounts.
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UMTS Networks and Beyond
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If you don t pack your item correctly (according to your shipper s rules) your claim will not be paid. As an example, UPS asks for bubble wrap or double boxing, and then 2 of packing peanuts on all sides. I learned this lesson the hard way. I shipped a $500 glass Victorian Dome without double boxing it. It was a very tricky item to ship. It arrived broken, and UPS picked up the item and denied the claim. Ouch! Luckily, when UPS went to return the damaged item to me, it got lost. They ended up paying the claim anyway. My lucky day!
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Network Design Specialised Aspects
Top view 9.4 m ai = 1 m 5.8 m 8.14 m 9.4 m Hexagonal area = 77.5 m2 Side view Hexagonal lattice
s1(n,0) sNt(n,0)
Coding Gain
Shipping giant United Parcel Service has decided to implement a wireless tracking system into its operations. The company has begun to deploy a wireless tracking system that combines Bluetooth with Wireless Fidelity. UPS plans to issue Bluetooth bar code readers to 55,000 of its package handlers. This is the first major wireless implementation of such a system. The project will cost around $120 million. This large-scale implementation, which combines Bluetooth with Wi-Fi to create one system, may be an indication of future trends. Bluetooth s strength seems to be in its capabilities to facilitate communication between devices. Wi-Fi is more adept at providing wireless and remote access to the public Internet and private networks. Combining these technologies may prove to be the most efficient means of building a company s network. Wi-Fi access points could be used to provide access to a network, and Bluetooth could be used to connect devices. For example, a person would be able to access his e-mail from his laptop wirelessly through Wi-Fi. He could then download it, forward it, or edit it. Suppose he wanted to print it. Bluetooth would enable the transmission of information from the laptop to a printer and command the printer to print the document wirelessly. It is kind of like a one-two wireless punch. There must be a reason for a company the size of UPS, which must keep track of a huge number of shipments daily, to spend $120 million on this new technology. Furthermore, a significant number of blue-chip technology companies are members of both the Bluetooth SIG and the Wi-Fi Alliance. Perhaps they too see the potential relationship between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Stack Protection and Windows 2003 Server Heap-Based Buffer Overflows The Process Heap
Part of planning IS audits involves making auditor assignments. Schedules, individual audit timing, and skill requirements must all be juggled to satisfy the plan requirements. Aligning the audit and technical skill requirements with the skills of the available staff and the development goals of the team members requires thought and management skills. The Auditor in Charge (AIC), who will lead the individual audit, must be
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