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refractory period is used to describe the coupling interval where depolarization no longer propagates through the tissue of interest. The refractory period of the AV node is calculated by measuring the interval between successive atrial electrograms in the His bundle recording. The astute reader will notice that the stimulus atrial electrogram interval has also increased for the extrastimulus, suggesting that relative refractoriness of atrial tissue may also be present. In Fig. 3.9, an even earlier atrial extrastimulus is delivered, and in this case the stimulus does not result in atrial depolarization because atrial tissue is completely refractory at the stimulation site (no atrial electrograms: the stimulus cannot propagate from catheter tip to adjacent atrial tissue ). The interval between S1 and S2 would be a measure of the atrial refractory period. Figure 3.10 schematically illustrates the changes in intervals associated with refractoriness of different tissues in response to atrial extrastimuli. If atrial tissue becomes relatively refractory, then the interval between the stimulus and the atrial electrogram will increase (if the atrial tissue is completely refractory a stimulus without an atrial signal will be observed, as shown in Fig. 3.9). If the premature extrastimulus encroaches on AV nodal refractoriness the AH interval will increase. Finally, refractoriness of infraHisian tissue will result in prolongation of the interval between the His electrogram and the QRS (Table 3.3). The response to extrastimuli will vary depending on the relative refractoriness of the different types of tissue. For example, if the refractory period of atrial tissue is longer than the refractory period of AV nodal tissue, the clinician
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Improving Your Odds
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1.4 ORTHOGONAL FREQUENCY-DIVISION MULTIPLEXING SYSTEMS Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) is a discrete Fourier transform (DFT) based multicarrier modulation (MCM) scheme [1,2]. The basic idea of OFDM is to transform a frequency-selective fading channel into several parallel frequency at fading subchannels on which modulated symbols are transmitted. OFDM has been widely adopted in various communications systems, including the digital audio broadcast (DAB) [3] and digital terrestrial video broadcast (DVB-T) [4] standards in Europe and Japan, the IEEE 802.11a/11n wireless local area network (WLAN) [5], and the asymmetric digital subscriber loop (ADSL) [6]. 1.4.1 System Description The block diagram of an OFDM system is depicted in Figure 1.4. A sequence of data N 1 symbols {s(n; v)}v = 0 is rst serial-to-parallel (S/P)-converted to form the nth data block s(n) = [s(n; 0) s(n; 1) s(n; N 1)]T . This block is transformed by the inverse DFT (IDFT) operation. The output of the IDFT is the transmitted signal block x(n). This block is added with the CP portion as shown in Section 1.2, and the resulting block is parallel-to-serial (P/S)-converted for transmission. The relation between the data block and the transmitted signal block is given by
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[12] ITU, ITU-R Report M.2030, Coexistence between IMT-2000 time division duplex and frequency division duplex terrestrial radio interface technologies around 2600 MHz operating in adjacent bands and in the same geographical area. [13] ITU, ITU-R Report M.2041, Sharing and adjacent band compatibility in the 2.5 GHz band between the terrestrial and satellite components of IMT-2000. [14] 3GPP, TR 25.942 v6.4.0, Technical Specification Group Radio Access Networks, Radio Frequency (RF) system scenarios (Release 6), 2005 03. [15] ITU, ITU-R Report SM.2028-1, Monte Carlo simulation methodology for the use in sharing and compatibility studies between different radio services or systems, 2002. [16] ERC, ERC Report 68, Monte Carlo simulation methodology for the use in sharing and compatibility studies between different radio services or systems, Naples, February 2000, revised in Regensburg, May 2001 and Baden, June 2002. [17] ERO, http// [18] ITU, ITU-R Recommendation P.452, Prediction procedure for the evaluation of microwave interference between stations on surface of the Earth at frequencies above about 0.7 GHz. [19] ITU, ITU-R Recommendation P.526, Propagation by diffraction. [20] ITU, ITU-R Recommendation P.676, Attenuation by atmospheric gases. [21] COST, COST 231 Final Report, Digital Mobile Radio Towards Future Generation Systems, 1998. [22] ITU, ITU-R Recommendation P.1546, Method for point-to-area predictions for terrestrial services in the frequency range 30 MHz to 3000 MHz. [23] ETSI TR 101.112 v3.2.0 (1998 04): Technical Report, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Selection procedures for the choice of radio transmission technologies of the UMTS. [24] ITU, ITU-R Recommendation P.619, Propagation data required for the evaluation of interference between stations in space and those on the surface of the earth. [25] ITU, ITU-R Recommendation M.1225, Guidelines for evaluation of radio transmission technologies for IMT-2000. [26] ITU, ITU-R Report M.2039, Characteristics of terrestrial IMT-2000 systems for frequency sharing/interference analyses. [27] ETSI TS 125.104 v6.9.0 (2005 06): Technical Report, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Base Station (BS) Radio Transmission and Reception (FDD). [28] ETSI TR 125.951 v6.2.0 (2003 09): Technical Report, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Base Station (BS) classification (FDD). [29] ETSI TS 125.101 v6.8.0 (2005 06): Technical Report, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), User Equipment (UE) Radio Transmission and Reception (FDD). [30] ETSI TS 125.105 v6.2.0 (2004 12): Technical Report, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Base Station (BS) Radio Transmission and Reception (TDD). [31] ETSI TR 125.952 v5.2.0 (2003 03): Technical Report, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Base Station (BS) classification (TDD). [32] ETSI TS 125.102 v6.1.0 (2005 06): Technical Report, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), User Equipment (UE) Radio Transmission and Reception (TDD). [33] ETSI TS 125.308 v6.3.0 (2005 01): Technical Report, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), UTRA High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA); Overall description; Stage 2 (Release 5). [34] ITU, ITU-R Recommendation M.1641, A methodology for co-channel interference evaluation to determine separation distance from a system using high-altitude platform stations to a cellular system to provide IMT-2000 service within the boundary of an administration. [35] 3GPP TR 25.942 v6.4.0 (2005 03): Technical Report, 3rd Generation Partnership Project, Technical Specification Group Radio Access Networks, Radio Frequency (RF) system scenarios (Release 6). [36] Holma H., Toskala A. (ed.), WCDMA for UMTS, Radio Access for Third Generation Mobile Communications, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd/Inc., 2004. [37] ITU, ITU-R Recommendation M.1646, Parameters to be used in co-frequency sharing and pfd threshold studies between terrestrial IMT-2000 and broadcasting-satellite service (sound) in the 2630 2655 MHz band.
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To create a Web site and appreciate its scope and limitations, you must understand the vocabulary (HTML syntax). (It s not difficult.) HTML is essentially a set of simple instructions that sit among the text and images that you wish to create. You can see the HTML by viewing the source in your browser (select View Source in Internet Explorer or Views Source Code in Netscape and Firefox). Scanning the code will give you a pretty good idea of what they do as well as what is and isn t possible. Designing a Web site is a naturally self-contained project. If no one on your team has the time or aptitude, and you have resources or friends schooled in the task, it makes sense to parcel this out. To speed the process, take a tip from most professional site designers and use a Web generator such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage.
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5.4 Writing Your Test Plan
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Students take other exams, although these are a little less prominent than the ones mentioned in earlier sections. Some of these are specific to the student s (prospective) career or age group. Others are alternatives to the academic and general English exams mentioned above and are also recognised by employers and educators, but are especially favoured by particular EFL colleges. EDI (Education Development International) offer general English exams and professional English exams through LCCI (
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How will the results of the project be documented What type of final report will be prepared and for whom
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Offl. Chrg. Syst.
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There s a problem with string theory and cosmology in that string theory cannot deal with time dependence. They haven t gotten to that point yet. They are two fields with a very different character: cosmology, which is putting together a story, and string theory, which is a more formal mathematical subject. It s a cultural mismatch. So there s a skepticism on their part because they cannot say, yes this is consistent with string theory. There s a certain level of discomfort. A lot of interest, but also a certain level of discomfort.
Data retrieved by an SQL select query are accessed via the statement handle; this can be used to retrieve successive rows of the results table:
public double dollarToYen(double dollars) { return dollars * 121.6000; }
public void ejbPassivate() { System.out.println("Pasivating cart for " + customerName); }
Introduction to Exploitation: Linux on x86
Group, Grouping Social Group Organization Institution Financial Institution Depository Financial Institution Figure 7.8 WordNet word sense 1 for bank: Hypernymic taxonomy from root down.
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