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This chapter described the ongoing evolution towards 4G regarding services, technology and business models. It concluded with the capabilities which the ITU is expected to require from 4G Networks. We rst looked at current 3G Networks. The 3G vision was offering anytime anywhere connectivity, multimedia services as well as location-based services. Currently, however, anytime anywhere communication is hampered by the boundaries of technology. Regarding services, in most parts of the world, 3G Networks today are mostly used for circuit-switched telephony and packet-based connectivity to Intranets and the Internet. In Japan mobile webportals are very popular, and in both Japan and South Korea mobile TV is an increasingly successful service. We then investigated the foreseeable short-term evolution, i.e. ongoing standardization activities and expected business developments. First of all, what are noticeable are quantitative changes: more bandwidth, more services and more heterogeneity. Multimedia services and location-based services are expected to become widely used. At the same time, qualitative changes are emerging, such as always-on Mobile Stations. The most characteristic change, however, is convergence and integration of heterogeneous Access Networks, including xed access and digital broadcast networks. As a result, the erstwhile vision of 3G should become a reality. Additional changes include greater openess in service creation and Mobile Station con guration, and interworking with new network types such as PANs, Moving Networks and VANETs, albeit that these developments are still mostly proprietory. Finally, we looked at the expected ITU de nition of IMT-Advanced systems as 4G. Presumably, 4G will build on 3G and include the changes that are already becoming apparent in the short-term evolution, although in a more perfected fashion. Interestingly, while previous generations were distinguished by their air-interface technology, 4G is likely to be distinguished by its integration of heterogeneous technologies. Regarding the operator s business models, we observed how the traditional vertical silo is becoming challenged. It is likely to become more open, accepting heterogeneous technologies and heterogeneous services from a variety of sources. It is also likely that the relationship of trust with subscribers will become a key asset and that provisioning of identity will play an important role in future business models.
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on the surface of the sphere with Zs = (1 i)/ c and that will be most easily carried out in spherical coordinates. To evaluate the normal components of H and E on the surface of the good conducting sphere, we can use E (x ) = i H(x ) from Equation 6.54 to write H
Step Six: Find the Money
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