A Hankel matrix is a matrix in which the (i, j)th entry depends only on the sum i j.
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A servlet should either use the parameter access function (getParameter, getParameter Names, getParameterValues) or the input streams. If you try to mix styles, you will fail. The typical servlet reads its parameter data and generates a response. But there are other possibilities. These alternatives involve things like forwarding of a partially processed request to another servlet or JSP, or redirection of an entire request to some other resource (static web page or a different servlet). With redirection, the client browser receives an HTTP resource moved response with the identity of the revised location; the browser re-submits the request using the revised URL. The forwarding of requests is common in servlet JSP combinations. The servlet will handle the actual HTTP request. This will usually involve extraction of data from a database. The servlet will package the retrieved data as an instance of a simple data carrier class (a bean ). This bean can be attached to the request as an extra named attribute. The request can then be forwarded to a JSP where the final response, based on data in the bean, is created.
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Figure 10-7: Date of Show.
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When you are confident that your letter is well-written, you are ready to put the finishing touches on how the letter looks. When sending your letter as hard copy through the mail or via fax, the letter should be laid out on the page in a way that conforms to
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Introduction to Format String Bugs
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be signified with the xsd: namespace prefix. For example, xsd:string refers to the string datatype defined within the XML Schema Recommendation.
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Figure 7.2 Logical architecture of the CS Domain with Release 4. Solid lines depict control and data interfaces, dashed lines depict control interfaces only
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A system can be described simply as a set of elements joined together for a common objective. A subsystem is part of a larger system. All systems are parts of larger systems. For our purposes the organization is the system, and the parts (divisions, departments, functions, units, etc.) are the subsystems. Although we have achieved a very high degree of automation and joining together of subsystems in scientific, mechanical, and factory operations, we have barely begun to apply systems principles to organizational or business systems. The concept of synergism has not generally been applied to business organizations, particularly as it applies to the integration of the subsystems through information interchange. Marketing, production/operations, and finance are frequently on diverse paths and working at cross-purposes. The systems concept of an MIS is therefore one of optimizing the output of the organization by connecting the operating subsystems through the medium of information exchange.
Table 15-3 Typical Hardware Margins
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