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Of the six techniques, security testing, installation testing, and smoke test do not apply to the DCPS as it is currently designed. Security testing will arise if DSA nds it needs more than physical lock-and-key security on the workstation chassis. Installation testing and smoke test will probably never arise because the DCPS will be installed by the CPI system developers and only on DSA workstations. Taking the testing techniques in the order that they are expected to be used, administration testing will be rst by virtue of use cases -07 and -08 whose actor is administrator. The high-level goal of administration testing here will be to ask the question, Does the Admin Menu contain all the activities necessary to support the DCPS on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis The low-level goal of administrative testing will be to validate the functionality of the administrative processes provided. Next, interface testing will occur as an extension of use cases -07 and -08 as les of student completion records are selected and moved from local database les to transfer les that can be sent from one workstation to another. These test cases are represented by the FTXXX-08.0 series. If transfer les of student completion records cannot be properly built, then there is no value in testing backups, transfers, or archiving of bad transfer records. Finally, backup and recovery testing will occur after the transfer le validation is completed. These tests are represented by the FTXXX-07.0 series. They validate the destination le updates caused by moving the transfer les via the administrative screens. Notice that these tests involve two or more workstations (see the preliminary construction architecture design). The multiple workstation test requirement introduces the additional test environment dimension of peer-to-peer connectivity. The primary developer challenge is to make these backup and archive processes rerunable if the process fails. For example, if the peer-to-peer transfer process fails while testing FTPOS-08.0, the software must provide a retry capability without duplicating records on either the transfer le or the destination le.
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5: Using Internet Explorer as the Output Window
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to the original 802.11 standard, allows wireless functionality comparable to Ethernet; it is also referred to as 802.11 High Rate or Wi-Fi.1 802.11g. A new IEEE wireless standard that applies to wireless LANs, 802.11g provides 20 Mbps to 54 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band. As of this writing, this standard has not yet been approved, so is not available in the marketplace, unlike 802.11b or 802.11a. 802.11e. The latest IEEE draft extension to provide quality-of-service (QoS) features and multimedia support for home and business wireless environments. Each of these specs is defined more fully in the following subsections.
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Modularizing Schemas
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