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Figure 13.6. This figure shows the shipping portion of the payment and shipping section of eBay s Sell form.
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These observations may depend upon the observer.
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Balance Sheet
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Figure 5.1 The bathtub diagram
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receptionists, telephone operators, and security guards must be made familiar with the types of social engineering attack most likely to be directed against them so that they will be better prepared to defend against those attacks.
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we may calculate the magnetic eld intensity and electric eld intensity from Equation 6.25 as Hm = and Em = e ik x 1 k 2( n m) x 4 c2 1 i t e 1 ik x (6.39) 1 2 eik x ik 1 + [3n(n m) m] 3 2 eik x e i t k ( n m) n x 4 x x (6.38)
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CAC-40: Paris
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and service providers. A classical, already existing identity provisioning service is roaming: the Home PLMN authenticates and bills the subscriber on behalf of the Visited PLMN. Along the same lines, we saw how the in the i-mode web portal leverages its relationship of trust with the subscriber (cf. Section the operator owning the portal ultimately sells billing and authentication services. 3GPP already works on a further expansion and abstraction of the concept. The Generic Authentication Architecture [3GPP 33.220] allows a third party Application Server to bootstrap a Security Association with the UE on the basis of the relationship of trust of the 3GPP operator with the subscriber. Thus, for 4G one of the crucial questions is the location of the server containing the subscriber data, i.e. the HSS or AAA Server. In s 21 and 22 we will see how many standardization organizations de ne such a server in their own Network. An additional trend appears to be emerging which is also likely to broaden the traditional operator s business model: new, previously unexpected, players enter theoperatormarket, namely consumer brands, retail chains and the like [Saunders 2007]. Presumably, these retail-chain operators will sell subscriptions to their traditional customers. However, beyond the occasional hot-spot, they will not invest heavily in actual infrastructure. Instead, they will have Roaming Agreements (cf. 11, Section 11.1) with an allied, infrastructure-owning operator. This agreement allows subscribers of the retail-chain operator to roam into the PLMN of the allied operator and developing this thought further maybe even into the PLMNs of all operators with which the allied operator, in turn, has a Roaming Agreement. These alliances may be regarded as another expansion of roaming, on the basis of proxied Roaming Agreements. Figure 20.7 illustrates this situation. The retail-chain operator has a Roaming Agreement with an allied operator X. This Agreement allows the subscribers of the retail-chain operator to
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