Planning and Controlling a Project in .NET

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Figure 1.13 GigaFast 802.11b USB adapter.
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reduce overall business risk, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization overall. This is one possible outcome from a review and compromise toward a vendor solution but it will involve business management and strategic organizational decisions in order to be successful. Moving down the range, another possibility is to modify the vendor application slightly to meet the needs of the business model more directly. There is often a business requirement that provides no opportunity for compromise in the process requirements and the vendor package can be tweaked slightly to provide a good fit. Some of this is inevitable in reporting, access role development, and interfacing to existing systems within an organization s process. The risks here are maintaining the modifications as the vendor product matures and is updated by the vendor. New releases and upgrades will subsequently require revisiting the customizations made to the installed code, regression testing of the new code on the customized portions of the solution that is in place to ensure that things are not broken by the upgrade, and a review of how the customized code might impact the intended changes the modification provides. This will be a continual need, so maintenance and support costs should be projected into the ROI and cost / benefit analysis when decisions are made to choose this course of action. There will also be a need to document these variances to standard vendor code and how these customizations change the base code to add to the support, cost, and contractual considerations. Vendor code customization can cover a wide spectrum of slightly modified to hardly recognizable. One of the potentially material concerns that will need to be evaluated is how the agreements and contracts are impacted by any customization of commercial products. This must be reviewed from the perspective of support, primarily. Often when support commitments are part of a vendor agreement, there are clauses in the contract that obligate the user to keep the product in tact in order for support commitments to be honored. This makes sense from the vendor s perspective as customizations are unique to each client s business organization and to maintain an understanding of the impact of modifications on the base code for every potential client would be a monumental task for a vendor. Violation of any commitments to not modify the commercial package might void the warranty or support agreement for this reason. Depending on the situation, the vendor might entertain making and maintaining the customization requirements for you. This is often bundled with a support and management agreement that outsources some portion of application support. These can be costly arrangements and the ability to pull back from them in the future should be carefully considered before making such a commitment. When the expertise does not exist in-house to provide for
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Dim and Split always generate fixed-size arrays. A much more versatile approach is ReDim. ReDim behaves just like Dim except that the resulting
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Data HT-LTFs Extension HT-LTFs 4 s per LTF 4 s per LTF HT- HTLTF LTF HTLTF
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What does it mean to support mobility The general problem is illustrated in Figure 12.1. On the one hand, somebody, either the network or MS, must detect when the MS moves out of the coverage of one Access Point into the coverage of a neighbouring Access Point. Then the decision to handover must be taken, and the handover must be performed. To this end, the MS contacts the new Access Point. Connectivity along the new section of the path is established, and connectivity on the old section of the path is removed or times out. This change of connectivity implies adaptations on the radio link (e.g. new CDMA codes), updating of routing tables and possibly the updating of QoS reservations and the IP address. Mobility support can be offered with varying degrees of convenience. A basic scenario is as follows: the MS detects a new Access Point with better signal quality and decides to handover. In this basic scenario the MS can be associated only with one Access Point at a time, and therefore abandons the old Access Point and registers with a new Access Point without reference to the previous Access Point. Connectivity along the new section of the path is now established. During this process no user-plane packets can be delivered to the UE. Obviously this may lead to packet delay or packet loss which can be a problem for some applications. More advanced mobility support can offer the following additional features: . Exchange of MS-speci c context information between old access and new access. This context information could include control information such as authentication and
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If you find yourself in any of these situations, don t be afraid to appoint a new developer to tackle or rewrite the section. If the original programmer does the rewrite, it usually takes about a third less time than it took originally. If a developer is persistently coming unglued, consider seriously whether he or she is up to the job.
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De nition of system terminology related to radio relay systems; radio-relay system, point-to-point, point-tomultipoint, diversity, modulation etc. De nition of radio system vocabulary Classi cation of propagation prediction methods and reference to relevant ITUR recommendations Gaussian, normal, log-normal, Rayleigh, combine log-normal/Rayleigh, Nakagami-Rice, gamma, exponential, Nakagami-m, Pearson distributions described and formulae provided
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with Java Remote Method Invocation; it also includes classes needed for SOAP)
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JSR 168 BioPipe
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