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Jane L. Levin 3333 Brookwood Road Anytown, GA 30000 Tel: 770.000.0000
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Although most of the rest of this book focuses on executing code of your choice within the target program, sometimes there s no need to do this. It will often be enough for an attacker to simply redirect the path of execution to a different part of the target program, as we saw in the previous example they might not necessarily want a socket-stealing root shell if all they re after is elevated privileges in the target program. A great many defensive mechanisms focus on preventing the execution of arbitrary code. Many of these defenses (for example, N^X, Windows DEP) are rendered useless if attackers can simply reuse part of the target program to achieve their objective. Let s imagine a program that requires that a serial number to be entered before it can be used. Imagine that this program has a stack overflow when the user enters an overly long serial number. We could create a serial number that would always be valid by making the program jump to the valid section of code after a correct serial number has been entered. This exploit follows exactly the technique in the previous section, but illustrates that in some realworld situations (particularly authentication) simply jumping to an address of the attacker s choice might be enough. Here is the program:
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Two months later she heard that one of Cartright's junior product managers was leaving. She could hardly sleep that night, imagining herself on the fifth floor, in an office with a door, attending meetings and making decisions.
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Access request QoS signalling
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This section discusses the UICC, a core concept in 3G Networks, in more detail. The UICC is a smart card, typically of a size 25 mm 15 mm. It is bought together with the subscription and inserted into the end system, e.g. mobile phone. In fact, the UICC normally resembles the SIM card for GSM that most readers are likely to have come across. The UICC, however, is more general than a SIM card: the SIM card holds subscriber-speci c data for precisely one technology, namely GSM. The UICC, by contrast, may hold subscriber-speci c data socalled applications for several technologies: it may hold a SIM application for GSM, a Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) application for UMTS and an IP Multimedia Services Identity Module (ISIM) application for IMS usage, all on the same physical UICC. This way, the user may access GSM, and UMTS including IMS, all with one UE. This concept is illustrated in Figure 9.2. A UICC application identi es a user, and, most importantly, identi es how to charge this user. Without it, only emergency calls are possible. A UICC application also contains the secret keys that allow for subscriber authentication. This information is also available on the network side. It is stored, of course, in the HLR. One important feature is that the UICC is inaccessible to the user. The identi er and secret keys can only be manipulated by the operator who is selling the UICC. The UICC thus creates a secure environment (for the operator) which is essential to many commercial applications. One could speculate that the UICC will prove to be one of the key assets for UMTS operators when it comes to 4G and in competition with other mobile Communication Networks. Technically, UICC applications contain the following data: . USIM [3GPP 31.102]: * Identi er & International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), this is a unique identi er of the subscription. The IMSI is a number which is only used within the UMTS Network. It is not used as an identi er with regard to the outside. & (Packet) Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity (P-TMSI/TMSI), these are the temporary identi ers of a subscription. For security reasons, temporary identi ers are
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Derived Datatypes
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Credit Default Swaps and Mathematical Models
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Theory of Automated Network Optimisation
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14: Expanding Your Windows Home Server
quit(repeat(any # any; grasp(N == nil; N = 1; USER = CONTENT)))
Total Access Communication System (TACS) is an analog FM communication system used in some parts of Europe and Asia (e.g. United Kingdom and Malaysia). It is another first-generation wireless technology.
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