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IEEE 802.11a-1999 Wireless LAN High Speed Physical Layer (PHY) in the 5 GHz Band IEEE 802.11a-1999 Wireless LAN High Speed Physical Layer (PHY) in the 2.4 GHz Band
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trader to watch the tape and react only to what the tape is saying. Learn how to read the tape the truth is in the tape listen to it. Try and avoid the opinions of so-called-experts. One of the problems with looking too deeply into economic news is that it may plant suggestions in your mind, and suggestions can be subliminal and dangerous to your emotional stock market health where you have to deal in reality, not supposition. These suggestions are very often logical, but that does not mean they are true and will necessarily affect the market. Logic does not drive the market. It is driven by human emotion.
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FIGURE 11.3 Pilot subcarrier allocation in IEEE 802.11n. TABLE 11.4 Parameter Total number of subcarriers, NFFT Number of data subcarriers, ND Number of pilot subcarriers, NP Number of guard and null subcarriers, NG + NNULL Sampling frequency, f s Subcarrier spacing, f (= f s /NFFT ) FFT/IFFT period, TFFT (= 1/ F ) Guard interval duration, TGI = TFFT /4 Double GI, TGI2 = TFFT /2 Short guard interval, TGIS = TFFT /8 Symbol interval, TSYM (= TFFT + TGI ) Short GI symbol interval, TSYMS (= TFFT + TGIS )
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information, navigation and mapping services, etc. will become commonplace in many parts of the world. Radio Interface and Bandwidth It may be assumed that the near future will bring us more bandwidth; the corresponding speci cations have already been nalized, or are about to be nalized. For Rel-8, 3GPP has just speci ed the evolved UTRAN (E-UTRAN) [3GPP TR 25.913], the analogous development in 3GPP2 is called Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB) [3GPP2 C.S0084]. E-UTRAN and UMB include completely new speci cations of the radio interfaces which will yield theoretical bandwidths between 50 and 100 Mb/s. In other words, 3GPP and 3GPP2 draw level, approximately, with the bandwidth offered by Mobile WiMAX, see also Figure 2.4. E-UTRAN, UMB and WiMAX are based on OFDMA plus MIMO, cf. 5, Sections 5.2.3 and 5.2.5. Access Network The Access Network is an area of much innovation. We will cover two topics: the collaboration of Access Networks of different technologies, and new, more exible topologies for Access Networks. Convergence of Heterogeneous Access Networks More radio interface technologies and also more networks will be deployed. At rst sight, this seems to point towards an exacerbation of today s situation: in order to be always connected users need more hardware, more multi-homing, a multitude of subscriptions and, in particular, technical expertise. Looking more closely, however, it becomes apparent that the situation might indeed improve. The general tendency is towards a collaboration of heterogeneous technologies and networks, something known as convergence of heterogeneous Access Networks. The above-mentioned Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) is one facet of this. The ultimate vision is a high-level architecture for 4G Networks as seen by the ITU [ITU M.1645] and as shown in Figure 20.1: The Access Networks of the different technologies are connected to a common IP-based Core Network. These Access Networks include mobile Access Networks of many denominations as well as xed Access Networks such as DSL and cable, and pure digital broadcast networks, i.e. digital TV. We need to investigate the details of the vision depicted in Figure 20.1, because the terms Access Network and Core Network have different meanings in different technologies. From a WLAN perspective, the Access Network is an ESS with Access Points, Access Router and possibly an AAA Server; by contrast, the Core Network is a connectivity backbone, see 4, Section 4.7. But what is an Access Network from a 3GPP perspective The 3G architecture in fact does not de ne the term (cf. 4, Section 4.2). Should we assume that the Access Network is the RAN This would imply that the IP-based Core Network must provide certain functions, e.g. subscriber management. Or is the Access Network an IP-CAN, i.e. RAN plus PS Domain In this case, the IP-based Core Network is a connectivity backbone just as for WLAN. In 21 we will see that 3GPP actually settled for an intermediate solution. Furthermore, in 22 we will see that, generally, the different standardiza-
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Taking all of the existing SEH protections into consideration, you can see that in the case where you can control the pointer to the exception handling function, it will not be easy to find a suitable spot from the exception-handlerapproved zone. The conditions for such an address were just listed, but actually finding a good candidate is not easy.
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Creating Interest with Visual Aids
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PhotoSync was one of the first and most popular add-ins to be published for Windows Home Server. PhotoSync allows you to designate a folder to be synchronized with the Flickr.com photosharing site. Any photos that are copied into the specified folder will automatically be uploaded to your Flickr account, allowing you to share them easily with friends and family. Flickr requires you to authorize programs that want to interact with your account, but the PhotoSync add-in makes it very easy. After the add-in is installed, you are presented with a familiar browser window where you can log in to your Flickr account. You will then be prompted to authorize the connection, as shown in Figure 14-12.
JSP and Java Servlets have been widely used to generate dynamic Web pages for portals. There are many books on JSP and Java servlets. You also need knowledge on Globus, MyProxy and the Java CoG before you start your portal work. Detailed information can be found on their Web sites. For testing purpose, you can start with your second-generation Grid portal development using portlets. You can choose open source-based Jetspeed or GridSphere as the portal framework. It will be easier to build portals with portlets using IBM WebSphere Portal because it provides a GUI-based integrated development environment.
an increased number of Monte-Carlo snapshots in static simulations is considered. However, this significantly increases the amount of computations. Optimisation algorithms could benefit from this fact offering faster convergence. Figure 14.7 presents a histogram of all local minima values. There is a large amount of sub-optimum solutions which are not much bigger than the global optimum (please, also refer to Table 14.2). In particular, a large percentage of local minima values is close to the global optimum for antenna azimuth optimisation (Scenario 3). This can be indirectly interpreted as modest sensitivity of network performance on antenna azimuth changes (in the sense of power-based cost function). Distance between global and local minima. Detailed information about the three best local minima for Scenarios 1 and 2 is presented in Table 14.3. The data in the table include minima values, distance to the global minimum and size of the minimum attraction region.
15-11.VBS set tool = CreateObject( regtool.tob ) set refresh = CreateObject( registry.update ) key1 = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\ _ & CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace\ get all visible system desktop icons set result = tool.RegEnum(key1) for each icon in result name = on error resume next name = tool.RegRead(key1 & icon & \ ) if name = then name = (unknown) on error goto 0 msg = Found System Icon: & name & vbCr msg = msg & Do you want to change its context menu answer = MsgBox(msg, vBYesNo + vbQuestion) if answer = vbYes then on error resume next attrib = tool.RegRead( HKCR\CLSID\ & icon _ & \ShellFolder\Attributes ) if err.number=0 then attrib1 = CInt( &H & left(attrib,2)) else attrib1 = 0 end if if (attrib1 and 16)=0 then mode = NOT else mode = end if msg = RENAME is currently & mode & enabled. _ & Do you want to enable it answer = MsgBox(msg, vbYesNo + vbQuestion) if answer = vbYes then attrib1 = attrib1 or 16 else
Unscrupulous salespeople occasionally have the idea that the client belongs to them and not the firm they work for. If you ever come across this attitude, remind the salespeople that if this were the case, they d sign their own pay and commission checks. You should also be aware that it is a free world and legally, in most countries, there is nothing to stop salespeople from contacting past contacts. However, their contracts may be suitably worded to make it clear that they are not allowed to abuse their situation. You are paying them to work for you, not provide valuable information to your competitors. The other half of the job is to monitor sales and not lose touch with your customer base. Customers are usually pleased to get a call from a senior person, especially when he or she is merely checking that everything is going right with their purchase. Client information is a great way to be alerted to effective ways of selling products and working out further opportunities. Clever sales engineers rarely jump in immediately when an opening shows. They note it and think their strategy through. Talking to customers can also give you a better idea of the way sales are going generally. Are salespeople pressing too hard or not hard enough Is the market perception of what the company is doing in step with the company s intention Periodic contact at various levels not only nets valuable information, it also helps to extend your company s relationship with the customer.
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