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Figure 2.4 Data- ow control in a DCOM application
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Understanding Why English
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As you see in this chapter, Windows Home Server goes to great lengths to make certain that your data is protected. While this is almost always a good thing, there is some downside to having all of this data stored on your home server. Our computers contain an amazing amount of information that reaches into every aspect of our lives. The data on your computer can be used to deduce a great deal of information about you and your family. If you prepare your taxes on your computer, the files will include your social security numbers, income, full names, and employers names. If you use direct deposit, the tax files will also include bank account information. Other privacy gold mines can include stored passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information that you would not want to fall into the wrong hands. Having this data on a server is not that much more dangerous than having it on a computer, but the compact nature of most Windows Home Server boxes could make them an easy target for thieves and would-be identity thieves. The other aspect of Windows Home Server that can add some risk is the fact that it keeps a history of recoverable files. This means that if you purposefully delete something from your computer, Windows Home Server will keep a copy for as long as it keeps a backup that contained the file. If you have any manual backups that contained the file, it will be kept indefinitely! For files that you might later want to recover, this is in fact a very good thing, but for files that you actually want to disappear, this can be a problem. How can you protect yourself The first is to physically secure your Windows Home Server box. Some OEMs include a bracket that will accept a simple cable lock, which is available from most local computer shops or retailers. If your server does not have a bracket, there are kits available that include a bracket that can be attached to the case with epoxy. Other options include keeping the server in a locked room, or simply keeping it out of site. Another tactic you can employ is to use a strong password for your Windows Home Server administrator password. Without this password, would-be identity thieves will not be able to gain easy access to your backups and files. Don t rely on the password as your only line of defense. For a determined hacker, passwords are only a minor nuisance, and if a thief happens to also get away with a computer that has the administrator password saved, the password will offer no protection at all. The last tactic is to simply be aware of the data that is on your home server. If you ever purge data from your computer and you really want to make sure that it is gone, you have the option of deleting any previous backups that included the data. After you have deleted the data in question, you can
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Listing 9.2 A schema using the <xsd:unique> element (Customers.xsd).
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0 is the conductivity in the absence of grain boundaries, l0 is the background electron mean free path length, and d is the average random distance between grains.
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The details of these techniques are beyond the scope of this book. Readers can check database books for more information.
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transparently assumes control in the event that the master host fails. Jobs already in the cluster are not affected by a master host failure.
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Figure 2.25 The position of OGSA-DAI in OGSA
802.15 Wireless Personal Area Networks
Figure 2.8 A current
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