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An initialization function that creates a database connection using the specified name and password obtained from initialization data would be something like the following:
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thr_jmp_table (thread jump table) turns out to be the array in which internal ld.so function pointers are stored. Now, let s test our theory in action with the following example:
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Truth under Exile
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Fixing the 2GB bug
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ESSID Extended service set identifier An ESSID is configured on each access point in an extended service set. ETC(2) Enhanced transmission capability. The protocol employed by AT&T Paradyne for cellular data transfer, and licensed by vendors such as U.S. Robotics. ETC(2) offers fast, robust connection at relatively high transmission speeds (14.4 Kbps). Ethernet repeater A component that provides Ethernet connections among multiple stations sharing a common collision domain. Also referred to as a shared Ethernet hub. Ethernet switch More intelligent than a hub, has the capability to connect the sending station directly to the receiving station. Ethernet An industry-standard local area network media access method that uses a bus topology and CSMA/CD. IEEE 802.3 is a standard that specifies Ethernet. Extension point A base-station two-radio transceiver that bridges the gap between a wireless client and an access point or between a wireless client and another extension point. ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Evaluation Assessment of an IT product or system against defined security functional and assurance criteria, performed by a combination of testing and analytic techniques. Evaluation assurance level (EAL) One of seven increasingly rigorous packages of assurance requirements from the Common Criteria (CC). Each numbered package represents a point on the CCs predefined assurance scale. An EAL can be considered a level of confidence in the security functions of an IT product or system. Extended service set (ESS) A collection of basic service sets tied together via a distribution system. Several basic service sets assigned a common extended service set ID (ESSID) to form a larger area that supports frame forwarding. FCC FCS Federal Communication Commission. Frame check sequence.
the selected long-lived route happens to have a node move unexpectedly, then ABR enters the route reconstruction phase. The route maintenance phase comprises partial route discovery (route reconstruction phase), invalid route erasure, valid route update, and new route discovery, depending on the movement of respective nodes along the route. If a source node moves, then a new route initialization (query/reply) is initiated. If the destination moves, the destination s immediate upstream node erases its route. A localized query (LQ)fHg process (where H signi es the hop count from the upstream node to the destination) is initiated to determine if the destination node is still reachable. If the destination node receives the LQ packet, a best partial route is selected and a reply is sent. Figure 15.13 illustrates such a scenario where a link failure occurs along the route between nodes D and I. Here, node I initiates a local query, which reaches destination node B. Destination node B sends a reply back to node I. If the destination node does not receive the LQ packet, the LQ packet times out and the initiating node backtracks to the next upstream node. This backtracking process continues until a partial route is found or the new pivot node is greater than half the hop distance between source and destination. If no partial route is found, the initiating node will send an FQf1g packet back to the source node to begin a new route discovery or to the destination node to erase an invalid route. An FQf1g packet, which includes a direction of propagation eld, means to backtrack one hop at a time. If a route is no longer needed, for example, the destination moves within the transmission range of the source, the source will send a FQf1g packet to erase a
Figure 14.17 Mutation operator, practical implementation [34]. (Reproduced by permission of 2004 IEEE).
Advanced Solaris Exploitation
Testing Complex Applications
Listing 4.20 Instance document using the collapse value (googlesearch.xml).
The lower-left endpoint of Figure 7.5 designates a taxonomy. In a taxonomy, as we ve seen, the semantics of the relationship between a parent and a child node is relatively underspecified or ill defined. In some cases, the relationship is the subclass of relation; in others, it is the part of relation. In still others, it is simply undefined. If you consider your computer s directory structure, the relationship between any given directory and one of its specific subdirectories is arbitrary. Say, for example that in one case, you create a subdirectory to hold a special subset (a subclass) of the directory documents; in another, you create a subdirectory to place documents representing conferences and workshops addressing the general subject matter of the parent directory. Figure 7.6 displays a subset of a directory structure (Microsoft Windows 2000). Note that under the highlighted Logic Programming subdirectory are the logic programming systems subdirectories (Prolog and Eclipse, which might be considered subclasses of logic programming), as well as subdirectories, Logic Programming Conferences and Logic Programming Research Projects, which are just things that are related somehow (and the relationship is not really spelled out) to the parent directory.
Adding Attributes
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