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Short Selling, Hedge Funds, and Leverage
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MIH Events
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A classic phenomenon of light entering water at an angle of incidence, i, is illustrated in Figure 2.14.
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There is no standard or universal script command language for all test tools. Because all script languages have a common purpose within the same record/playback paradigm, the language skill a tester acquires using one vendor s tool script transfers substantially intact to a different vendor s tool script. Tool vendors have typically chosen one of two approaches to designing their test tool s script language. The rst approach is to invent a scripting language from scratch that addressed the unique kinds of activities that operate a computer without end-user intervention. The vendors who started their scripting languages from scratch quickly recognized the need to add ow of control constructs to their scripting languages like those found in such standard programming languages as COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/1, and BASIC. The second approach was to adopt one of the standard programming languages for ow of control and extend that language with commands that are uniquely needed for robot control of a computer. The four standard programming languages most often extended for test tool scripting are PASCAL, C, Visual Basic, and most recently Java. Because the tool scripting languages follow standard programming language conventions, timing point information from the operating system clock is readily available. The implication for performance testing is that speci c application actions can be timed very accurately. For example, if an application lets the end user search a catalog for products, the test script language allows timing points to be placed just before and just after the search button is clicked. The difference between these two timing points tells the tester and the developer precisely how long the search took. These timing points are used both to nd bottlenecks in the application (places where the application transaction takes the most time to complete) and to establish the performance baseline described in 9. The performance baseline is measured by adding timing points at the very beginning and very end of a script that has already veri ed the correct behavior of a particular business transaction. Re-executing the script with these two added timing points provides the precise total processing time necessary to complete the veri ed business transaction in an empty system. A time-saving feature called data-driven execution has emerged in most scripting languages. This feature allows the tester to record a simple end-user activity such as logging into the AUT with one user ID. Then, by using data-driven execution features, the tester can make the same simple recorded script execute with hundreds or thousands of additional user IDs. The key to the data-driven execution approach
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Timing Is Everything
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This chapter was a second full-blown application developed using MIDP for Mobile Phone. There are four more such applications to come in the following chapters. After going through this chapter, you
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In addition, you can use OpenTextFile to open an existing file for reading or appending.
Killed Active Start Game Respawn Inactive Timeout
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