Neural Networks in .NET

Integrated PDF417 in .NET Neural Networks

Part I
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In this age of text messaging, youngsters are very adept at finding short ways of writing down what they want to say. Why not use some well-known abbreviations to get them thinking They may already know the gist of some, but not letter for letter and others they may have to investigate. For instance, these abbreviations from broadcasting, texting and the world at large would make a great quiz activity: AKA: ASAP: BBC: CD: Also known as As soon as possible British Broadcasting Corporation Compact disk
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Description Desktop items for all users Start menu custom items for all users Program groups for all users Auto-starting shortcuts for all users Desktop items for current user Favorites items for current user Installed system fonts Private document folder for current user Custom items for Network Neighborhood virtual folder Custom items for Printers virtual folder Program groups for current user List of recently used documents for current user SendTo items Start menu custom items for current user Auto-starting shortcuts for current user Template files for New menu items
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FIGURE 4.1 Frame format for a form of slotted ALOHA.
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Deleting system icons from the desktop is a one-way street for most users, because they can t get system icons back once they are deleted. The restoration script 15-9.VBS isn t available to everyone. That s why it s a good idea to warn users before they permanently delete system icons. Windows sports a built-in warning mechanism exclusively for system icons (see Figure 15-15). If you have tried the preceding script and enabled the delete command, the script has asked you for a removal message. This message is embedded into the system icon warning message whenever the user chooses the Delete command.
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File systems Databases Connectivity (LANs, WANs, Satellite, Wireless, and Internet) Finally, you will need to seek test data experts for three reasons. The rst reason is that you will need to nd the best possible test data sources to represent expected production data. The second reason is that you will need to determine how best to load that test data into the test environment as a testing starting point. The third reason is that you will need to determine how best to reload that test data for reruns once a series of tests has been executed, regardless of whether the tests were successful. Examples of groups that you might contact for test data help include experienced end-users, senior developers, database administrators, and operations management. The way you load and reload test data in the test environment seldom re ects the production backup and recovery strategy for the application under test. Production backup and recovery serve an entirely different purpose for the application in production, namely business continuity. Recall from 8 that there are testing techniques speci cally for backup and recovery. It is common to nd multiple testing environments in many development shops. The rst and most common testing environment you will nd is the developer environment itself that may not be considered a true testing environment. Recall the white box testing discussion in 7. This kind of testing must be performed by the developer because the tester rarely has access to the source code under construction. Quite naturally, the developer completes white box testing in the same environment in which he or she does development. The observation is made to differentiate code debugging from testing but does not add any further value to the discussion of test environments. The next kind of testing environment you may nd is called a staging environment or a migration environment or a deployment environment. The developers see this environment as the next place their programs go prior to going live. It represents the collection point over time of all nished programming. It also represents an excellent testing environment for the nished programming both as the nished components become available and as the application itself becomes complete. Figure 10.1 illustrates what a simple computing environment strategy such as this might look like.
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Keep in mind that access to a file may be restricted or impossible: If the file is already open and owned by another program, you may not be able to access it. Likewise, if you specify the wrong path, the file cannot be found. So it s a good idea to use FileExists to check whether the file really exists, and to turn off error handling for those parts of your script where you try to access properties of the File object. Never forget to turn error handling back on using on error goto 0!
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You can t script the Kodak tools directly. Instead, you need to either embed them into a Web page or use them as controls inside a custom COM object. As you might suspect, I have created a sample COM object. It basically wraps the controls and provides public methods and properties your script can access. Install \install\scan\setup.exe (full source code is provided at \components\scan\scan.vbp). Watch out because there are many different versions of Kodak Imaging around. If your source code won t compile and instead complains about illegal methods, then you need to replace the Imaging controls on the form with the controls installed on your system. To do so, delete the controls from the form and then right-click the tool bar. Choose Components, and in the dialog box, click Browse. Now, search for the files listed in Table 21-1 and add them to your toolbar. At last, add those controls back to your form. Now you re done. But there s an even easier way. You can install the pre-built COM object without recompiling it.
Lowest Ontology (subdomains)
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